Zero Water 12 cup jug

Living In A Hard Water Area

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When you move to a new area you don’t really think about what the water is like beforehand. Before moving to Norfolk nearly 7 years ago I certainly didn’t look up if it was a hard or soft area before deciding whether or not I wanted to live here. Unfortunately, we do actually live in an area that is terrible for hard water.

Over the past 7 years I have lost count of how many kettles we have gone though. It actually took us a really long time to figure out what was wrong and why they just kept breaking. We have one really old super cheap plastic kettle that is somehow hanging on for dear life. But, if we buy a new kettle and don’t use descaler every single week I can guarantee that it will break within 6 months or less.

Zero Water 12 cup jug

Finally, instead of buying yet another new kettle I decided to look into some other options. You can also build your own home water filter using different materials and methodsOne of the easiest options seemed to be setting ourselves up with a water filter. If all of us are home, especially now Mum lives with us, we go through a fair amount of water so we needed a large water filter. The Zero Water 12 cup jug seemed like a good idea for us due to the size.

Zero Water 12 cup jug

The ZeroWater jug comes with a filter that uses a 5-Stage Dual-Ion Exchange filtration system which helps to eliminate virtually all dissolved solids in your water. Living in a hard water area, we needed something that would make our water as pure as possible so this level of filtration seemed like it could work really well for us.

The 12 cup jug is really large and it holds 2.8L of water. The jug is far too large to fit in our fridge so if you want something small enough for this then you should look at the 7 cup jug instead. That one fits inside the door of a fridge. Our 12 cup jug sits on our kitchen counter or to the side of the sink if there aren’t any dishes drying.

I personally don’t really like super cold water thanks to having really sensitive teeth so this actually works really well for me. I am able to drink filtered water but at a much more comfortable temperature and the jug holds a lot extra ready to fill things like the kettle. From the first use of the jug I could taste a really big difference in the water.

ZeroWater filter jugs come with a TDS meter so you can test your water before and after it’s been filtered. You can also use the TDS meter to figure out when your filter needs changing. It’s important to keep checking your water to ensure your filter is doing the best possibly job. Once the TDS meter reads 006 then it’s time to replace the filter. I really like that this is included with the jug as normally I wouldn’t know when to change the filter.

Zero Water 12 cup jug

I’ve already noticed a massive difference not only in the taste of our water but also how our newest kettle is coping. I haven’t had to descale the kettle since we started using the ZeroWater filter. I love knowing when I need to buy a new filter and that’s definitely a lot cheaper than replacing kettles every few months!


Living In A Hard Water Area

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  1. We have a water filter jug here too. It does make the water taste fresher and cleaner I find, it can feel a bit chalky otherwise. I am not sure whether we are hard water in our area.

  2. We’ve lived here for 6 months and I am just getting used to the change in water. It really isn’t good for kettles. We have a ZeroWater jug and I love it. I have been using it for a few months and it makes drinking water much easier.

  3. I also live in Norfolk and moving here 5 years ago I could tell the difference. I think one of these filters is exactly what we need.

  4. I would assume we’re in a hard water area based on the scaling in our kettle. I never thought to get a filter. We’ve just lived on drinking Evian which then creates a tonne of plastic and a massive bill and having a scaly kettle. I clearly need to invest.

  5. I share your pain. I live in the Chilterns, on chalk bedrock, and we get through 2 kettles each year. It’s awful

  6. We have one of these jugs too and it is brilliant. It is actually too big for my fridge but I have a water dispenser and I use it to fill that and because the water is filtered it doesn’t get limescale

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