Living the Local Life: 4 Ways to Get Real-Life Travel Experiences


You may want to plan a family getaway this summer, but circumstances beyond your control could be preventing such a trip. Your heart wants to wander, but the universe, and maybe your wallet, are saying “not this year!”

Many families are reconsidering staying home and exploring their own backyard for this year’s escape. You may also consider a day trip to someplace that is not too far from your home, yet different and inviting. 

Here are 4 ways to get real-life, travel experiences in your own area of the world. For more information, go to sanetraveller

  1. Be Like a Newcomer

Most people will contact the Chamber of Commerce before moving to a new location. This is also a good place to start when searching for fun and interesting things to do in your own community. There are going to be events like street fairs, flea markets, and other types of unique gatherings and celebrations you may not even know your community sponsors each year. Spend your vacation exploring the wonders of your own town. 

  1. Volunteer

Instead of spending a week exploring your town, think about volunteering with a local community group. Habitat for Humanity is always looking for people to help build homes for the less fortunate.  Locale food pantries are also in need of people who can help sort, shelf, and box up food for those who are hungry. With the recent world events, it would not be hard to find a local group or organization that needs extra help. As an added bonus, if you have children, this would be a great vacation idea to help them learn about giving to those who need love and kindness most. 

  1. Take a Trip Through Different Menus

There is no doubt a lot of different types of restaurants in your town that you have never eaten before. A week of different types of food would be an interesting way to spend time in your own town. You could also do just burgers or just tacos in order to locate the best according to your family. There are countless ways to enjoy the different foods of the world located in your own community. 

  1. Day Trips

With a little research, you can find somewhere new and exciting to explore that is only an hour or two away from your house. Planning a day trip is similar to a full getaway, only it takes place all in one day. Look into what a nearby town has to offer that is unique and different from the offerings in your own town. Many places are known for something, like a famous battle, rivers, hiking trails or it could be the birthplace of a certain food. All these things are worth taking a couple of hours to travel to and enjoy for a single day. 

When you travel around your own community like someone who has never been there before, you will experience new and exciting things. You miss so much in your daily travels through your community when you are hurrying to work or on errands. Take the time to see all that there is to see without taking a long ride. 

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