Lunch at the Lacon Arms in Hemsby

Lunch at the Lacon Arms in Hemsby

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Hemsby is a seaside town on the Norfolk coast, and popular with holiday makers. If you’re nearby, you must visit the Lacon Arms in Hemsby for a delicious meal!

Where is the Lacon Arms

The Lacon Arms
Sea View Rd
NR29 4JG
Telephone: 01493 733281

Is parking available?

The Lacon Arms has quite a large car park at the back and around the side of the building! We had no issues finding a space. If it is really busy, there’s all day parking for £5 a 5 minute walk away in Hemsby.

Delicious food for the whole family

The Lacon Arms has a fantastic menu and it really seems to be put together with a lot of thought. There’s a very clear guide on the menu for things like gluten-free or vegan options, with some items being available on request. We all had multiple things we could have chosen and it’s always lovely to have so many choices.

Visit the salad bar

Included with every main meal is a visit to the salad bar! You’ll receive a plate at the till once you’ve ordered your food and then you’re free to help yourself. The salad choices were just about right I think, with the following options:

  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Red onion
  • Sweetcorn
  • Grated carrot
  • Tortilla chips
  • Jalapenos
  • Crispy onion
  • Croutons
  • Various dressings
Plate of salad from the salad bar at the Lacon Arms


I love a good starter and the Lacon Arms has some great options on their menu. Starters can either be tapas style or there are sharing platters to choose from too, including a whole vegan platter!

We chose a few different starters to share between the four of us, which were breaded mushrooms, cheesy garlic bread and chicken strips. Each starter was a great size and ideal for sharing on the table. Me and Erin declared the chicken strips our favourite with John and Mum really loved the breaded mushrooms!

Children’s meals

Even though we had Erin with us when we had lunch at the Lacon Arms, we didn’t actually get to see what the children’s meals were like as Erin went for something else. However, the choices are great. There are two sections on the children’s menu; one for under 10s and one for hungrier children.

I really liked that there were different options in terms of meal size. A 5 year old will eat very differently to a 12 year old so catering for this is fantastic.

Main meals

The main menu is fairly large so there is quite a lot to choose from. Split into sections, it’s easy to see what kind of food you might want, such as dirty chip buckets, traditional pub-style main meals, pizzas and salads etc. I really feel like there’s something for everyone on this menu, whether you want a healthier salad or a huge burger, for fussy eaters and those a bit more adventurous.

Pictured above, I went for the Hunter’s Chicken while Mum had her favourite; lasagne. Sometimes Hunter’s Chicken can be a bit dry but not here. The chicken was really delicious and plenty of it too. Me and Mum both agreed that the chips were fantastic. They’re proper home-cut style chips and fried well, like I used to do at home years ago.

John and Erin were in a bit of a meaty mood. John opted for the mixed grill while Erin had an adult’s gammon meal. Obviously, as an adult meal there was a lot of food for Erin and she didn’t eat it all, swapping some bits out to us like the onion rings and pineapple. However, she somehow managed that huge piece of gammon and absolutely loved it.

A bit of a treat for John, he chose the mixed grill which comes with steak, gammon, sausage, lamb chop and chicken as well as chips and peas (with additional peppercorn sauce). This was a bit of a beast of a meal so make sure you have a good appetite if you order it.

Not only was each meal delicious, we didn’t wait long for it to arrive and it was all super fresh.


Somehow, we decided that we had room for desserts. The dessert menu isn’t huge but there are some great choices to be had, such as the ice cream sundaes you see below. Be warned though, these are big and there’s a lot of cream on top so you might want to think about sharing one. We should have done this really and will know for next time.

Three ice cream sundaes lined up in front of a menu and reservation board
Ice cream sundaes

Children also have their own options when it comes to desserts, such as a cool unicorn sundae or a classic brownie sundae. Smaller than the main sundaes, there’s still a lot to them and plenty big enough.

Erin with a unicorn sundae at the Lacon Arms
Erin with a unicorn sundae

Lunch at the Lacon Arms is one of the best pub meals I think I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to go back to try something else from the menu.

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