Lunchbox Treats From Organix: Fruit and Seed Bites

Erin goes to nursery at a private school and last week the main school broke up for the summer holidays. Usually, Erin will have a school lunch on the 3 days she is there a week and this means she gets to eat a hot meal with the rest of the children in the whole school. The nursery stays open for 51 weeks of the year but during school holidays children are required to take packed lunches. This means that Erin now has 9 weeks of packed lunches and I’ll be the first to admit that I hate doing them! I struggle to think of new things for Erin to have that I know she’ll eat and I also struggle to make sure I put in enough that is healthy too. A brand that we already know and love is Organix and they recently sent us some of their new Fruit and Seed Bites for Erin to try.

When you’re trying to offer your child healthy snacks it can be hard to know what is actually good and what isn’t. Organix have a ‘No Junk Promise’ which means there are no baddies in their foods and it’s printed on the front of every one of their products. It’s nice to know that you can pick up a packet of the new Fruit and Seed Bites and know that there isn’t anything bad in them.

Organix Fruit and Seed Bites

Erin can demolish a full Yumbox lunch, especially if she’s been having a fun and busy day at nursery. We have the classic Yumbox so there are quite a few different sections to fill and I like to put something different in each. I also like to try to put in something that Erin might not have had before or something she hasn’t had for a while.

The new Organix Fruit and Seed Bites come in three flavours; Cocoa, Cocoa and Banana and Cocoa and Coconut so there’s enough to switch up the flavours so Erin doesn’t get bored of them. Erin was so excited to try these as soon as she saw them at home.

The Fruit and Seed Bites are a massive hit with Erin and I know I’m going to constantly have some in my cupboard now for her. The pack sizes are perfect for snacks, adding into a larger lunch or throwing in your bag before you go out for the day.


Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.  

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