Yumbox Lunch Ideas For Toddlers: February 2019

AD: I previously worked with EatWell-UK who provided a discount to purchase these boxes.  Erin has packed lunches each day that she’s at nursery and we use various Yumboxes as her lunchbox. The compartments keep each item of food separate and it means we can give Erin a range of foods in the right portion sizes. Each month I’ll be posting Erin’s lunches to hopefully give you some inspiration. She isn’t the most adventurous with food though so these ideas are great for picky eaters too! Box 1: Open ham sandwiches (Erin struggles a bit with the thickness sometimes) Fromage

Yumbox Lunch Ideas For Toddlers: January 2019

Disclaimer: I previously worked with EatWell-UK who provided a discount to purchase these boxes.  This month Erin started a new nursery and unlike the old nursery where she had hot lunches, this one required packed lunches every day. Erin’s nursery asks that the packed lunches are healthy and although I know other parents don’t stick to this at all, I do try to as much as possible. I do struggle for ideas though and I know others do as well so I thought I would start a new series showing what lunches Erin has been eating for the previous month.

Lunchbox Ideas For Pre-Schoolers

Erin goes to nursery at a private school and usually she has a hot school lunch with the rest of the students. However, when the main school breaks up at the beginning of July the hot lunches stop and this means we have about 9 weeks of making packed lunches instead. I find it really hard to think about different things to include every day, especially as we have a Yumbox which has 6 different sections to fill every day. I’m sure there are loads of parents out there like me, who need a bit of inspiration so I thought

Welcome To The Kiddylicious Crew

You may have seen me mention recently that Erin has 9 weeks of packed lunches now that her school has broken up for summer but the nursery stays open. A brand that I can always trust for great food and snacks for Erin is Kiddylicious and we have just joined the Kiddylicious Crew as brand ambassadors. To get us started we were sent some of Erin’s favourites along with some new things to try. Something I love about Kiddylicious is that they have so much choice and loads of options. You can get snacks, breakfast and meals and know that they’re

Lunchbox Treats From Organix: Fruit and Seed Bites

Erin goes to nursery at a private school and last week the main school broke up for the summer holidays. Usually, Erin will have a school lunch on the 3 days she is there a week and this means she gets to eat a hot meal with the rest of the children in the whole school. The nursery stays open for 51 weeks of the year but during school holidays children are required to take packed lunches. This means that Erin now has 9 weeks of packed lunches and I’ll be the first to admit that I hate doing them!

The Importance Of Family Meals

Just recently Erin has been an absolute nightmare with food. She has been going through a horrible phase where she just would not eat. If that wasn’t bad enough, we’ve also had the 18 month sleep regression too! Generally, apart from a few short phases before now, she’s always been a pretty good eater. I always thought it was teething that caused this kind of thing but apparently being a toddler causes it! The not eating thing had been going on for about 2 weeks and during a visit from my sister meant us changing how we do things at

For Aisha Review & Giveaway

Back in February when Erin was getting more adventurous with food and flavours we were lucky enough to try some of the For Aisha Stage 3 pouches and Erin loved them. I was so excited when I heard that For Aisha were doing tray meals for babies aged 10 months+ I got excited! I couldn’t wait for Erin to try them. The stage 3 tray meals come in 4 different flavours: Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry, Green Bean & Lamb Curry, Chicken, Quinoa & Vegetable Stew and Date & Apricot Tagine with Lamb. There is no other baby food brand

Switching To Cow’s Milk

Something I remember reading a lot when I was pregnant and whenever I look at anything for Erin now, is about 1 year olds drinking cow’s milk. Erin had formula from being a week old or so I had been thinking about the change for quite some time. I think we started giving Erin cow’s milk months ago but only with breakfast. I got so sick of giving Erin expensive ‘baby’ cereals that didn’t last very long so I switched her over to things like Weetabix and Shreddies. She has always had warmed cow’s milk with these and has never