Luxury in Name, Luxury in Choice

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When we think of the word luxury, we automatically think of relaxation, being able to unwind and enjoy things a bit more. If a product has the word luxury in the title, then it has to provide some level of comfort and relaxation. 

When it comes to luxury vinyl flooring it has to tick all of those boxes, and it does.

When choosing a luxury flooring solution, the ground must be able to withstand the activity within your home and the heavy-duty that will be presented daily. This is why a lot of people renovating their homes choose luxury vinyl flooring as an option that ticks all of the above and offers much more.


Straight away from the list of comforting qualities provided by vinyl flooring is its durable design. Vinyl has been manufactured to withstand much more abuse than regular flooring options take.

Vinyl flooring is ideal for those who tend to move furniture around constantly to satisfy their need for change. Anti-scratch safeguards prevent any occurrence where you end up covering up areas of your floor to hide a scuff or scratch.

Should such a problem occur, tiles and planks are easy to replace and a low-cost method – meaning you won’t be put out of pocket should major incidents happen.


Design Style

Luxury vinyl flooring is a great option for those who like a lot of variety at a cheaper price.

Whether you like light or dark woods, or stone with a feel of unique, vinyl presents hundreds of patterns, palettes and designs to suit any home. If you are the type of homeowner who wants matching furniture or to find a stylish blend of modern fixtures to give a stylish feel – your flooring match, accompany or highlight your home.

Much cheaper an alternative than the real thing, luxury vinyl flooring saves on being stuck for choice as much as it saves on your budget.

Easy to Install, Maintain and Replace

You don’t necessarily require the hiring of a professional to install LVT into your home – it is a relatively easy process that provides a fun project to spend an afternoon on. With the option of gluing down tiles or clicking together planks, it is a product of ease and effort to get your floor laid simply and looking great.

Maintaining the floor to retain its professional look is simple also. With anti-stain and moisture resistant properties you are safe with the knowledge that those little accidents can be easily erased with warm soapy water and cloth without the fear of water seeping through the flooring.

Replacing the flooring tile/plank for any reason is also not a time-consuming affair as individual pieces can be lifted without disrupting the floor and the cutting up of the offending piece is as easy as a pair of scissors and a quick trip to the bin.

So with so many cost-effective options comes many options of suppliers to help choose and transform your home, and luxury vinyl flooring offers a lot of amazing reputable brands that bring satisfaction to your home.

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