Make a new friend with an adorable Disney soft toy

Make a new friend with an adorable Disney soft toy

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Right from birth we give our children soft toys. They can be one of the first toys to be remembered, the thing children go to for comfort and something they might end up sleeping with for years. Whether it be from a slightly more modern film like The Lion King, or a classic such as Dumbo, Simba Toys has a Classic Disney soft toy for everyone.

Dumbo and Simba soft toys

The range of Classic Disney soft toys come in three different sizes, 17cm, 25cm and 35cm in a variety of characters. Erin was sent two of the 35cm soft toys, which are available to buy at Tesco. In this particular size Marie, Simba and Dumbo are available.

Erin with Dumbo and Simba

With Erin being 6 now I think the size of these soft toys are great for her. They’re big enough for Erin to play with really well, snuggle if she wants to and the size also makes them stand out compared to some other smaller soft toys.

Erin cuddling Dumbo

The first thing to notice about these soft toys is just how soft they are. The last thing you want is for your child, especially a baby, to have a toy with hard edges or something they can hurt themselves on. These soft toys are suitable from birth which also means that they’ll be great for any child wanting to sleep with them in bed.

Erin cuddling Simba

These soft toys come in the form of much loved, and well-known characters. Something I really love is the attention to detail and the features that have been put into the soft toys. For example, Simba has a little tuft of hair on the top of his head and Dumbo has his hat, neck accessory and of course, the huge iconic ears.

Erin pulling Dumbo's ears

Erin loves to sleep with soft toys and she couldn’t wait to add Simba and Dumbo to those that she sleeps with every night.


Make a new friend with an adorable Disney soft toy

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