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Before having Erin travelling was really quite simple. There wasn’t a million things to think about and another million things to pack. I remember going away for the first time with Erin and being shocked at just how much we had to take with us, even for just a few days away. Now that Erin is nearly 4 and we have travelled all over with her, I think I’ve come to figure out what works and what doesn’t. However, there’s one thing that never gets easier and that’s clothes.

I can only think of one place we have travelled to so far (Kelling Heath in Norfolk) where we had a washing machine in our accommodation. That time, we were staying in a luxury woodland lodge so we had a lot more facilities than in other places we had stayed in. No matter where you stay, whether it be in the woods, in a hotel room or if you are visiting a city, your children are bound to get messy somehow and usually there are very few options for getting clothes clean again.

Kelling Heath 2 bedroom woodland lodge

If, like us, you find yourself in this kind of situation far too often then you might be interested to learn of a company who can help. Laundryheap offer a 24 hour laundry service in cities in the UK such as London, Manchester and Birmingham . Laundryheap also cover places such as New York City, Amsterdam and Dubai (as well as others)!


Laundryheap offer laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services that can be booked online via their website or on the app! Think Uber for dry cleaning! You can choose a service depending on your needs and collection time all and know that your laundry will be returned to you in 24 hours. There are no collection or delivery fees as this is all included in the service!

There have been times when we’ve been away and Erin has made a complete mess of herself, John has managed to get dinner down his shirt or Erin may have had an accident over night. Although I try to pack for all eventualities, you cannot take all of your clothes with you. While you could go and buy something new to wear, this can really add up quickly, making your trip away a lot more expensive than planned. A mixed bag of laundry weighing up to 6k will be washed and tumble dried and costs £14.95. There are various options available though if you need something different, such as shirts ironed or dry cleaning!


We have a couple of London trips coming up next year, one of which includes a stay before and after a week away at Butlins. Being able to send our dirty clothes off to Laundryheap would not only be so easy to do but it would take a whole load of work off for when we get back! Imagine getting home from being away and not having all of that laundry to do.


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