Making a Functional Home Office in the Garden: What You Need to Do

Making a Functional Home Office in the Garden: What You Need to Do

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Having a home office in the garden area is quite the dream. Thankfully, this is one of the achievable dreams and there are plenty of ways to manifest a garden office into reality. For it to be functional and fit for purpose, there is some general advice and guidance to follow. So, whether you are building it from scratch or installing a pre-built model here is some handy advice on what you need to do to make things happen. 

Consider Purchasing a Pre-Built Model

To choose the right garden room office, you have to figure out what will fit into your garden, how much time you have to donate to the project, and how quickly you want it up and running. The great thing about garden offices is that there are accessible, easy to install pre-built models available. You are going to need to start the search with insulated garden rooms to protect from all the elements, but the majority of garden rooms take this into account so it shouldn’t restrict your search too much. Pre-built models carry lots of advantages for any project. For example, they are ready made and quick to install with minimal manual labour. They are also budget friendly and will save you time, helping you get set up more quickly. 

Figure Out If You Need Planning Permission

If you don’t want a pre-built option, there is a chance you may need planning permission. In some cases, if you are purchasing a garden room you might need to seek permission from the local council but this is rare. Whatever route you take, make sure you check with the planning department so that you don’t come under penalty. 

Make It Secure

Outbuildings, just like the main house, need securing overnight and when they are left absent. To do this, treat the garden office just like you would your home and install professional grade locks to the main points of entry. Take things further by installing CCTV style observation devices so you can stay savvy about what’s going on 

Think About Ways to Mitigate Noise Pollution

A potential problem you could face with an outside office is noise pollution from external sources. Traffic, animals, neighbours, and general pedestrian passers-by, are all things that can bring disruption to your work day. Dealing with noisy surroundings is never conducive to a productive day, and therefore it is a good idea to consider how to mitigate these risks in the most sustainable way. You have a few options. 

  1. Noise cancelling headphones so you can embrace your garden office without the interference of external noise. 
  2. Triple glazed doors and windows. 
  3. Internal cooling or temperature control so that you don’t have to open doors and windows. 
  4. Acoustic fencing options. 
  5. Water features to distort the external noise sources. 

Make it long-lasting

If you’re spending quite a lot of money creating the perfect garden room then you want your choices to last. Set aside some time to research the best options for your room and what you need certain things to do. Engineered Wood Flooring is an ideal choice when it comes to flooring. Not only does it come in lots of different colours and patters but it is also long-lasting and moisture resistant.

Minimise Visual Interference

Visual interference can also play a role in distracting you from your essential tasks. The sun could be glaring through the windows and hurting your eyes, an interesting bird might hop in front of the glass and steal your focus; the possibilities are endless. Procrastination and losing focus are two of the biggest killers of productivity so if you are going to work outside, you need to actually bring your attention to your professional role in this environment. To minimise visual interference, consider installing blinds, or setting yourself strict breaks out in the garden to refresh your concentration capacity. 

Incorporate an Open Air Working Feature

Making space for you to work in the actual outdoors is also important. It will be tempting, considering you will be working in your garden anyway, to open the door and take your to-do list into the sunshine. So, why not incorporate the external and the internal with a covered over area outside of the main office zone? This could double up as a recreational area too for when work finishes. 

Tidy the Exterior

Making sure your garden is tidy will make your garden office feel more authentic. It is no secret that clutter is never helpful when it comes to being productive and feeling happy. It makes sense, then, that your garden should be free from mess and look tidy if you are going to be working out there full-time. 

Look After the Space

The same advice is true for the inside of your outside office too. Keep things organised so you can stay productive, and always tidy up at the end of your work day so you are starting the morning in a fresh space instead of a cluttered one. 

Garden offices are a great asset and there are lots of advantages to having a separate space to work from the main house. Making it functional means planning properly and thinking about how to maintain the building when it is up and running. Find some peace and calm, and give outside working a chance!

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