Packing for the family holiday: The tips to help you do it

Packing for the family holiday: The tips to help you do it

When it comes to holidays, a lot of airlines have placed a limit on the amount of luggage you can take. This can prove difficult for someone who likes to pack everything including the kitchen sink when they go away and especially for families when there are a lot of things you need with you.

However, not sticking to the airline’s limits could end up costing you a fair bit of money. So it’s advisable to learn how to pack appropriately, including some pairs of women and men’s boots, ensuring you have everything you need without going over the weight limits.

But how do you pack for the family holiday with those limits in place? There are a few helpful tips and tricks that can help you ensure that you have all that you need without bankrupting yourself at the airport with extortionate fees. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you could try to help you pack for that family holiday. 

Use luggage suitable for the amount you need to pack

First of all, it is essential to have luggage that is suitable for the destination and the amount of luggage you wish to take. It is recommended to check out the airline websites to ensure that you know what the guidelines are. Having the right size case avoids you packing unnecessarily. For example, having a bigger case than you need may mean you pack more than what you require for your holiday. 

Sort your clothes according to outfits

Being organised with the clothes you pack is essential for packing for a family holiday. A great idea is to get out everything you would like to take away with you. Place it on your bed and think about the holiday you are taking. Is the holiday the type where you will need to dress up? Or is it a more casual affair? This means you won’t pack any of the clothes you won’t need. Taking up valuable space and weight in your luggage. 

If you have a fair idea of what your itinerary will be then plan your clothes accordingly. This means that again you don’t pack anything that you don’t need. Keeping the space and weight free for other things. Not only does this work for adults but you can adopt the same approach for your children’s clothes. With a few spare items incase there are unavoidable mishaps with food or accidents that can happen. 

Think smart when it comes to toiletries

Toiletries and makeup can take up a lot of the weight in your case. Especially if you have bought new bits to take away with you. It is recommended to buy specific travel sizes of your toiletries or decant some of your usual products into smaller bottles. This means you are only taking what you need for the duration and saving valuable weight in your luggage. 

Don’t go overboard with shoes

You need to think about your shoes in the same way you think about the clothes you pack. You need to pack shoes suitable for the holiday you are going on and preferable pairs that match the outfits you have already organised. If you can stick with a neutral shade of shoes that would go with more things, then that’s even better. 

It’s worth again analysing the type of holiday you are going on. Are the heels appropriate for where you are staying? Will you wear those boots? Being sensible with what you take means you have more weight available for other things. Again take the same approach with your children. The good news is they will likely need fewer pairs of shoes than perhaps you might need. 

Utilise your hand luggage allowance

Finally, the last tip would be to utilise your hand luggage allowance. This is where most travellers slip up. Some airlines offer a decent weight for hand luggage, meaning some of your items could travel in there instead of your main case. You can easily buy a hand luggage case and pack it with some essentials or use the smaller cases as options for children’s clothes as they can take up less space in the case. Hand luggage is a great way to ensure that you pack all that you need without going over the weight allowance for cases placed in the hold of an aircraft. However, be mindful that there will still be a weight allowance on your hand luggage. 

Let’s hope that these tips and tricks help you when it comes to packing for the family holiday

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