Kid Knex sets and Erin

Making crazy creations with Kid K’Nex

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Erin is such a creative child and we’re always looking for toys that can not only encourage Erin but also to challenge her a bit. Kid K’Nex is aimed at children aged 3-5 and helps children develop fine motor skills, spacial awareness and manual dexterity. We received a couple of kits for Erin to try out!

Kid Knex Budding Builders

Kid Knex Budding Builders pieces

The Budding Builders set* comes with 100 pieces so it’s a fantastic product to get you started. The set has a really fun mix of core ‘body’ pieces as well as legs, eyes, beaks etc. which means that there are lots of different things you can do and lots of ways everything can be used.

Kid Knex Budding Builders pieces on a table

Kid Knex Budding Builders ideas

We started off by laying out all of the pieces in the set on the table so that Erin could have a look and figure out what everything was for. This set comes with a huge fold out sheet covered in ideas of what can be made so if your child isn’t sure what to build, this is a great starting point for ideas.

Kid Knex Budding Builders Erin building

Kid Knex Budding Builders creations 1

Of course, you’re absolutely free to make whatever creations you like but we really liked that there was so many ideas on the sheet, as well as the box. Erin had very quickly picked out something she liked the look of and she set about finding the exact pieces she needed to make something.

Although there are no exact instructions, the images are really clear to see and children can easily figure out which pieces are needed and how they should be put together. Another great thing about having so many amazing pieces to play with is that the possibilities are endless and children can make whatever their imagination comes up with.

Kid Knex Safari Mates

Kid Knex Safari Mates pieces

The other set we were sent was the Safari Mates* kit. This one is much smaller at 21 pieces but it would make an excellent addition to a collection you already have or maybe a starter kit if you’re not sure what your child will enjoy. I love that this one has a theme though.

Kid Knex Safari Mates building

Kid Knex Safari Mates building 1

One of the main creations that you can make with the Safari Mates set is a lion and Erin set about making this straight away. Just like with the bigger set, there is a fold out sheet with ideas of what you can build with the items. You need to think though that you might not be able to make everything all in one go as there are a limited amount of pieces. However, Erin doesn’t mind building one thing and then breaking it up so she can start on something else afterwards.

Kid Knex Safari Mates creation

These Kid K’Nex sets have provided Erin (and me) hours and hours of fun. Sometimes we will start off trying to make things that the sets show but sometimes we will have competitions to see who can make the craziest creation.


Making crazy creations with Kid K’Nex

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