Mummy’s little girl

2016-02-25 17.02.51The end of last week was rough. It has been the first time I’ve felt like things have’t gone right since bringing Erin home from the hospital (that was just a big nightmare all on its own)!

From Thursday and all over the weekend Erin was very grumbly and kept bringing back up her milk. She has always been a bit of a sicky baby, possetting after nearly every feed but it has been much worse recently. It feels like both me and Erin have been covered in milky sick for days now. She has had so many changes of clothes I’ve lost count and I’ve lived in a dressing gown. Being a mum is so glamorous!!

If Erin had just been being sick I could have dealt with it a lot better. However, throughout the day she’s wanted more milk only an hour or two after the last bottle because of bringing the last feed. Erin has also been really needy which is not like her at all. I purposely haven’t held her constantly to make sure she grows up not needing me all of the time. This may sound harsh but I need to be able to get things done around the house without Erin needing to be held all of the time!

2016-02-27 18.07.07Needing to be held while not feeling well isn’t a big deal. I understand my daughter needs some comfort if she’s not feeling good but it seems like only I can comfort her, which is another problem. John has been feeling a bit useless lately because Erin seems to do nothing but cry or scream when he holds her. It’s really strange because he looked after her completely for the first two weeks of her life and now she’s decided it is me she needs. I hate that he feels like his daughter doesn’t love him because of course she does! John only really gets time with Erin on an evening and even then he spends time walking the dog etc. too.

Hopefully Erin is feeling better soon and we can get back to our normal semi-routine!

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