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My Favourite Christmas Films For The Whole Family

One of my absolute favourite things about the Christmas period is festive films. I have personal favourites that are classics but I also love watching the super cheesy made for TV films as well. This year is the first year that Erin might actually be interested in some Christmas films so I thought I’d share some of my favourite Christmas films for all the family.

Miracle On 34th Street

For me, Miracle On 34th Street is such a classic now and I can’t believe it is 24 years old now. Richard Attenborough plays Kris Kringle and a Santa in a department store in New York. You may have seen a post recently about us bringing Erin up to not believe in Santa (in the traditional sense) however, that doesn’t stop me loving the magic of this film. I could watch this at any time of the year, not just for Christmas.


I don’t think I have ever met someone who doesn’t love Elf. I know Erin is a bit young for this film at the moment but it’s a great one to watch with slightly older children. Will Ferrell is just perfect as Buddy, a human who was raised by elves. When he finds out he is really a human and not an elf like he thought, he goes to New York to find his real father to get him off the ‘naughty’ list but New York is very different from The North Pole.

Home Alone

It seems to me that a lot of the best Christmas films, or the ones I think are the best anyway, were made quite some time ago now. I know that I’m showing my age with these films but Home Alone is one of those films that I instantly think about when I also think about Christmas. I still think the story of Kevin being left at home while his whole family go on holiday without realising is crazy but I’m sure a lot of us have fantasised about what we would have done in his position.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This is one of John’s all time favourite films, regardless of it being a Christmas film. Erin watched this for the first time earlier this year and she has asked to watch it over and over again since then. It’s a great film for both Halloween and Christmas which means you can watch it for a few months in a row!

These are just a few of our favourite Christmas films but I also asked some other bloggers what theirs are:

National Lampoons Christmas vacation. Love it! Run, Jump, Scrap

Deck the Halls. Fab film! Anklebiters Adevntures

The Muppet Christmas Carol. We always have a movie night with hot choc and watch that – my parents did it with me when i was little and I love doing it now with my own! Coffee, Cake, Kids

Santa Clause the movie! It’s an amazing film that captures the true spirit of Christmas and family.Mummies Waiting

Nativity is brilliant, it has the whole family in stitches from laughing, but it’s also one of the feel good Christmas movies too! It’s our family favourite with a bit in there for everyone, no matter the age! Unique Young Mum

Arthur Christmas Boo, Roo and Tigger Too

The Polar Express is magical Rice Cakes and Raisins

The Grinch! I love a bit of Dr Seuss The Coastal Mummy

The Santa Clause is our absolute favourite movie. We watch it every Christmas The Happy Homemaker

My favourite ever is an 80s film called A Christmas Story. It’s so funny and not your usual Christmas cheese fest. The Helpful Hiker

Deck The Halls is always a family favourite in our house. The kids find it hilarious, and I don’t mind having it on multiple times over the festive period. Odd Hogg

Meet me in St. Louis!! I used to watch it with my grandma every year! It’s a traditional musical with Judy Garland! A Slummy Mummy

The Elf’s Story, we love it and it’s not too long that young children lose concentration. An elf named Chippey helps a young boy who struggles to believe in the magic of Christmas. Chilling With Lucas

The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. It’s a really fun Christmas caper. There’s a sequel coming out this year too. Pushing The Moon

What are your favourite Christmas films to watch with the family?


My Favourite Christmas Films For The Whole Family

7 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Films For The Whole Family”

  1. Some fab Christmas films listed here! I’ve seen most of them but have a few new ones to check out. My favourites have to the the Muppet Christmas Carol and The Nightmare Before Christmas!

  2. These are absolute Christmas classics. I love elf! And it’s always been a tradition to watch miracle of 34th street EVERY Christmas Eve. Brian Bedford – what a guy!!

  3. I like Miracle on 34th Street though I prefer the 1947 original, and I only saw Elf for the first time two years ago but loved it instantly. My favourite Christmas movie of all time though is the Muppets Christmas Carol – we watch it every year on Christmas Eve, without fail. And on Boxing Day we always watch ‘Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel’ (The Hazelnuts for Cinderella) which is an East German/Czech production and runs a about dozen times on all the TV channels over the Christmas days in Germany and is an annual country wide tradition to watch. We bought it on DVD so we can watch it in Scotland.

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