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Towards the end of last year we made the decision to stop Erin’s swimming lessons. It was taking us roughly 4 hours for a 30 minute lesson. We had to get a bus there, wait around for about 35 minutes before the lesson and the wait around again for the bus home. It was absolutely exhausting and after going back to work, I couldn’t do it anymore.

swimming lessons

Luckily, we live 10 minutes away from another pool. Honestly though, I was a bit worried about joining up. I’d heard how cold the pool was and Erin has a tendency to turn a bit blue in the water. I needn’t have worried though, Erin and the water are fine. I’d spoken to Erin’s swimming teacher, Lisa, a few times before we signed up because of another class we did there and because she is so fun and bubbly, it put my mind at ease a bit. swimming

We’ve been going to Erin’s new swimming for about 5 weeks now and Erin absolutely loves them. I was really worried that after such a long break that Erin wouldn’t like the water anymore. The minute we got in the pool she had a massive grin on her face and she was happy as anything. She also really got back into the swing of lessons quickly too and remembered to hold on to the sides, which I was so proud of.

I absolutely love seeing Erin enjoy her lessons so much. I can’t swim so it was always something I wanted Erin to learn. Lisa is such a fun teacher and Erin loves her. Unfortunately, Erin gets called a distraction sometimes because of how much she smiles. She does it from the beginning of the lesson right up until the very end. She even smiles after being dunked under water or swimming through a hoop.


I really think having a teacher like Lisa makes the swimming lessons what they are. Erin loves her so much that when we go swimming on other days, she waves at Lisa all the way from the other end of the pool. Erin’s lessons may not be quite as intensive as some I know of but she is happy and confident in the water and that’s the main thing right now.

Does your child do swimming lessons and do they seem to enjoy them?







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  1. Omg we are currently in the same situation with your previous lessons, my older girls have lessons but they’re half an hour apart, and it takes us almost 45mins to get there, but unlike you I don’t have a closer alternative ? Glad you managed to find a closer class and she looks like she loves the water!

  2. Ah this is so lovely! The one thing I wish we had done was swimming lessons with Alfie, but we couldn’t fit it in with all our other activities. We go to the pool as often as we can though, but this has reminded me we haven’t been for ages!

  3. Ahhh she looks like she’s enjoying them!! So much easier for you being that much closer as well. We do swimming lessons with our little boy, I think it’s important for them to be confident in the water from a young age. Both my husband and I love swimming and we wanted our little boy to feel the same way, thankfully after nearly six months of tears EVERY lesson, he’s finally starting to enjoy it!

  4. I haven’t had a Sunday lie in for 2 years because of BattleKid’s swimming lessons but they’re worth it. He’s doing great and is very confident in the water, a bit too much sometimes!

  5. I started lessons for my boy when he was 12 weeks old for a year but he kept getting sickness bugs so stopped, he still loves the water as we go on our own now. I guess those early weeks weren’t a complete waste of time.

  6. Glad you found somewhere closer to home! I go swimming with my little girl, have done since she was four months. It’s great to have time together doing something and she’s gradually getting used to go underwater!

  7. So happy that you managed to find somewhere closer, as it’s clearly something you both enjoy! I have been meaning to take my daughter to swimming lessons (we go swimming, just don’t have lessons), but think now that I’m expecting our second baby it will be a nice things for my husband to do with her at the weekends 🙂

    Helen x

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