London Duck Tours

I have been to London many times before but something I have never done is to go on a bus tour. During my recent London Getaway I decided to change this. Me, my sister and her boyfriend were really excited to be heading off on a London Duck Tour. When we arrived at the Duck Tour bus stop near the Southbank Center I was really excited. The ‘Duck’ was sat there waiting for us. I knew that it was a bit of a mix between a  bus and a boat seeing as it went in the water on the tour.

Easter activities from Phoenix Trading

The Easter break can end up feeling like a really long time for some families. Children are off school for 2 weeks and that’s a lot of time to fill with things to do! Although Erin is only 1, I have been looking for some things to keep her busy this Easter weekend. Phoenix Trading helped us out! little woodland animals colour in card Who doesn’t love colouring in? This Little Woodland Animals card is for children a fair bit older than Erin. Well, Erin could certainly give it a go but she’s more interested in eating crayons at the

Twinkle’s Town, Norwich

When it comes to doing things with Erin, I like to find new places to take her. On Tuesdays we try to meet up with a group of friends we used to do Baby Yoga with and get the children together but we don’t like to do the same thing every week. A few weeks ago we went to Twinkle’s Town in Norwich. Twinkle’s Town is not your average play center. The describe it as ‘a little world for big imaginations.’ As you head up the stairs you are met with a toddler sized town full of amazing things for

New Swimming Lessons

Towards the end of last year we made the decision to stop Erin’s swimming lessons. It was taking us roughly 4 hours for a 30 minute lesson. We had to get a bus there, wait around for about 35 minutes before the lesson and the wait around again for the bus home. It was absolutely exhausting and after going back to work, I couldn’t do it anymore. Luckily, we live 10 minutes away from another pool. Honestly though, I was a bit worried about joining up. I’d heard how cold the pool was and Erin has a tendency to turn

Music in Motion

Last week Erin started a new class, Music in Motion. This class is held at a local leisure center and we have been waiting months and months for a place! Unfortunately, a soft play center sort of local got flooded a little while back and since have decided to close down. Music in Motion used to do 2 classes there but have now added them in at my local leisure center. While it’s a terrible thing to have happened, it was the only reason why we now have a space in the class. We had been on the waiting list

Summer Swimming

The summer holidays means that there are no swimming classes for Erin. When Erin first started her lessons just after Easter, she was not a fan. In fact, she hated swimming. Things are not quite the same 4 months on. Just before our lessons finished at the end of term, Erin was still unsure about swimming. Sometimes she would get through a full class. Sometimes she wouldn’t. She would still cry near the end of a class too now and again. At this point, I was unsure as to whether she would ever really enjoy being in the pool. Luckily,

The start of a home made sensory basket

Ever since our first Baby Sensory class I knew that I wanted to make a box or basket for us to have at home. I love that Erin enjoys such a variety of toys and activities but Baby Sensory class is one of her favourites. To start with we were lucky to have been given some baby gifts in a lovely wicker basket so choosing our box was really easy. The basket is kept out of the way as it has no lid and I don’t want Erin seeing into it while we’re in her room. I want her to

Bounce and Rhyme Time: North Walsham Library

Something I have regretting since being pregnant then having Erin is not ever learning to drive. I did start when I was 17 but hated my instructor so I just gave up. I’ve never really needed to learn though having lived in places with fantastic transport. It was moving to Norfolk that made me realise I really should have learned at some point. Anyway, my worry about not driving was being able to take Erin to do different activities. I want her to be able to do whatever she wants when she’s older and I want to take her to