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Opting for Alloy Wheels to Pump Up Your Ride

Some people simply use their cars as a means to an end – a form of transportation like any other, while others can become deeply committed to their vehicle, wanting it to look and perform at its best at all times. If you are one of the latter, here are some excellent reasons to choose alloy wheels over steel wheels to keep your car at the top of its game!

Looking Good!

The racing world discovered the practical benefits of alloy wheels before the regular Essex motorists began to adopt them, which happened fairly fast after the flashy and stylish wheels had been seen zipping around the circuit confidently and competently. Alloy wheels look great, as well as having a number of excellent benefits to your car and your driving, most of which are due to the lighter weight of alloys compared with steel wheels. Because of the ductility of magnesium and aluminium alloys, alloy wheels can be shaped into a great number of attractive designs, including some that create optical illusions as the wheels turn.

There is No Rust On Me!

Alloy wheels contain no iron, and therefore will not rust, which makes them an excellent choice for using on vehicles that will be used on icy – and therefore gritted – roads, and for cars that are often driven along coastal routes. Alloy wheels can be quickly and easily washed clean, readily returning to their gleaming, like-new, condition, while steel wheels will, over time, become pitted, discoloured and rusty from exposure to the salt in the sea air and the road grit.

Sharp Stylish Corners

The lightness of alloy wheels means that the unsprung weight of the vehicle is dramatically reduced, which in turn lessens the inertia of the stationary vehicle. This works almost like assisted steering when it comes to handling and cornering, both of which become pleasingly sharp and responsive when you fit alloy wheels. Your friends and family will think that your driving has improved noticeably and wonder how you did it, not realising that it is a simple wheel change that made your skills look world-class!

Finally, with alloy wheels you can fit tubeless tyres without any of the worries about leakage that can happen with steel wheels. Steel wheels tend to let air leak out of tubeless tyres, occasionally leaving you stranded at the side of the road – or reinflating the tyre determinedly with your handy manual pump – neither of which scenario is ideal when you are going on a date, to an interview, or simply to work. Alloys seal snugly, keeping all the air where it belongs, so you can go about your day without any worries.

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