PND and Panic Attacks

Up until last Thursday I thought I was doing quite well. I thought I had a bit of a better handle on things and that I was starting to balance out a bit. I was, I guess, but then I had a bit of a set back. I certainly wasn’t prepared for my PND and/ or anti-depressants to bring on panic attacks.

Last week John had a lot going on at work. Apart from Monday night because I was working, he worked late every other evening. By Thursday evening I was really tired and very much looking forward to him coming home that night. Storm Doris had other ideas though and that meant all of the trains home were cancelled. At about 9:45 John rang to tell me he couldn’t get home pretty much.

Now, before Thursday I had never had a panic attack before. I’d never even really thought about them. But, when John said he couldn’t get home and would probably stay at his friends, I definitely panicked. The thought of him being away and me being alone with Erin and Jackson all night did me in. The thing is, I’ve spent a few nights just the three of us and it’s not bothered me before. However, anxiety gives me the need to have things planned and I do not do well with spontaneity in certain senses. Had John’s night away been planned I wouldn’t have been bothered in the slightest.

Instead, within a couple of seconds I was crying so hard and I felt like my chest was about to explode. I knew instantly that I was having a panic attack. I was hyperventilating and it took a lot to calm me down. Jackson came over straight away and stroking him actually helped. My breathing was so bad though that I was sick.

Thankfully, our lovely friend who John was going to stay with actually drove him home. I’d had to put the phone down on John during our call because I couldn’t speak. He was obviously worried. When he walked through the door I was so relieved. It took a good while for him to completely calm me down.

Panic attacks are absolutely awful and I’ve certainly never experienced anything like that before. I definitely don’t want to again. Things like this make me question my decision to take anti-depressants. It may have been a cause and it may not have. If it happens again at any point I will seriously rethink my decision.

Have you experienced panic attacks before? How do you deal with them?


PND and Panic Attacks





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  1. I’ve never had panic attacks before but I’ve seen others I love go through them and they’re terrifying – there’s nothing you want to do more than make it go away because of the distress it causes them. Hopefully it’s a once off for you, but make sure to mind yourself. Hugs to you!

  2. Not ideal, I’ve had a few I really suffered when I was younger, but I found soon yoga helps, the movement and relaxation of the breathing helps keep it at bay x

  3. I’ve never had a panic attack, so I can’t imagine how frightening it must have been for you. If you’re concerned it’s linked to your medication though, it might be worth checking with your GP

  4. Panic attacks are horrendous and anxiety is just horrible too. If meds seem to be making it worse it might be worth trying a different brand/ type rather than not taking any. CBT and mindfulness helps too 🙂 Thanks for sharing, talking about it is so important! Katie xx

  5. I’ve never had a panic attack but I imagine it is so scary! If you’re worried I would definitely talk to you GP. Sending love ox

  6. I get panic attacks quite a lot although not as much I used to get. I had one earlier because I am going through a stressful situation at the moment but I calmed myself down by talking to my friend and taking action. I was stuck in Storm Doris visiting my friend in Leiceister as well xx Hope you are ok now x

  7. I’d never had a panic attack until very recently. I’ve been under a lot of stress and although I now realise I’ve probably always had anxiety, I never knew that’s what it was. It’s a horrible feeling, and I can also be thrown when my plans are suddenly thrown off course. No wonder you took it so badly, but good that hubby was able to come home x

  8. They are so horrible and they can come on so suddenly. That’s so lovely that Jackson came over to you and very fortunate that your husband was able to get home. They are scary x

  9. Oh that sounds so awful, I suffer with panic attacks on occasion, I really doubt it is to do with your meds. I had them before meds and still do after meds so that hasn’t made a difference at all. Sounds like a really stressful situation, anyone would have panicked in that situation, unfortunately your emotions are heightened due to your PND which is why you had a bigger emotional consequence than some others would have. Read up on how to conquer panic attacks, just knowing how to deal with them properly has reduced mine severely! xx

  10. I’ve had a couple of panic attacks with my pnd. One of us ikea and just came out of nowhere. It was horrible. Couldn’t calm myself down at all. I hope you don’t get too many more x

  11. bless you, I hope you don’t experience any more. I never knew they were associated with anti depressants though. brave post and well done for sharing so others know they aren’t alone.

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