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Something John and I have been working on this month is finally getting Erin’s bedroom completely finished. We’re not there yet but furniture has been ordered and a handyman has been booked to do a few bits. The walls not taken up by furniture were looking quite bare though and seeing as the room is already very neutral, I felt like it needed something that stood out. Although there are lots of choices for child friendly bedroom wallpaper I wanted something a bit different. Luckily, Kids’ Prints were there to help us out!

Erin’s bedroom has a woodland theme so I had to pick the Abstract Tree with 3 Owls.

This wall sticker comes in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Each size has a different design and is priced accordingly. I chose the medium design which cost £78. The wall sticker measures approximately 150cm by 170cm. I measured up the space where I wanted the sticker to go and it seemed like it would be perfect.

The sticker arrived in a well packaged box with the sticker rolled up inside. The sticker actually comes on a large sheet with separate pieces. There are no set instructions apart from how to apply the sticker. The design can be done however you want although there is an example picture that you can sort of follow if you want to.

kids' prints

kids' prints

Before applying the sticker you need to make sure the area is clean and dry. Then, you’re ready! The different sticker pieces should be carefully peeled from the sheet and slowly applied to the wall. The sticker should be smoothed down from one end to make sure there are no air bubbles then rubbed over with a dry cloth.

The whole process was extremely simple. I managed to get the whole sticker on how I wanted it in 20 minutes. Each sticker came off the sheet easily and applied to the wall easily as well. After putting some on I changed my mind about where I wanted them but they were really simple to move and reapply.

kids' prints

kids' printsI love that this sticker is so customisable. I was able to put the branches where ever I wanted and in any direction. I could put the owls where I wanted too although I chose to put them in the same sort of place as on the sample picture as they looked so good there.

kids' prints

kids' prints

kids' prints

The wall sticker looks absolutely amazing and I think it really makes Erin’s room now. The size is perfect for where I wanted it and it looks so good. I’m glad I didn’t go for the large size though as it really would have been massive, however, extremely good value for money. Initially, I did think £78 was quite a lot for a wall sticker but now seeing how good this one looks, I would happily get another from Kids’ Prints. I cannot recommend them enough!


Review: Kids' Prints Tree & Owl Wall Sticker



26 thoughts on “Review: Kids’ Prints Tree And Owl Wall Sticker”

  1. Love this! We’re thinking of doing something similar for new Archie’s room with dinosaurs when we eventually get the loft converted. Sooo much easier than wallpaper!

  2. Wall stickers are fantastic and such an easy way to change up a room. We did an animal themed room for Ben and used wall stickers.

    1. Hi Lindsey,
      We have 2 other tree and owl designs in our woods category and would love to help you to jazz up your rooms.

  3. I LOVE wall stickers. We are about to redecorate downstairs and I will definitely be buying one to go in our lounge.

  4. Awww lovely! We have a big wall sticker in my daughters nursery too. They are a great way to jazz up a plain wall. Kate

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