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A Penguin Random House Christmas

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If you didn’t know, Me, him, the dog and a baby!was originally a book review blog many years ago! Books do feature quite heavily in my Christmas Gift Ideas posts because they are such a big part of my family’s lives. We all like very different genres and kinds of books so I think showcasing different products is perfect for Christmas. One publisher, Penguin Random House, has an utterly amazing range of Christmas gifts. There is a Doctor Who (beautiful) box set, a crafty postcard box and a fashion book from the V&A.

Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales Slipcase Edition

With 16 hardback books each containing a fairy tale set in the world of Doctor Who, this slipcase edition of Time Lord Fairy Tales includes a brand new story for 2016: The Emperor Dalek’s New Clothes.

Time Lord Fairy Tales contains legendary stories of monsters, mysteries, villains and heroes from across the Whoniverse. A beautifully illustrated collection of dark and dangerous Whovian fairy tales, this slipcase is the perfect gift for any true Doctor Who fan.

V&A Fashion Mash-Up

Fashion Mash-Up

A deluxe fashion press-out dress up book that combines the very best of fashion from the V&A and style trends throughout history – perfect for fashion fans of all ages!

The Fashion Mash-Up book really reminds me of books I used to have as a child. They were sticker books where I could dress people up to be in the circus or as a dancer etc. Obviously, this is a very grown up, more stylish version of that!

V&A: The Very Arty Box (Postcards)

A card for for every week of the year, The Very Arty Box is bursting with 52 decorative postcards and activity cards including make-and-dos, creative writing prompts and colouring-in cards inspired by iconic pieces from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection.

The Very Arty Box is perfect for the crafty type or those who struggle to think of something to do. There are loads of really fun things to do in this box. They also vary in how long they take as well. 

Beatrix Potter Designer Editions

A collection of five books designed by iconic British and Irish fashion designers to celebration the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck was designed by Henry Holland (House of Holland) – a British fashion designer and businessman. Holland gained attention with his bold, 1980s-inspired T-shirts, and subsequently shot to fame after founding his own fashion house.

How great do these look? This collection is something that could be given to older children or as adults who were fans as children themselves. 


A Penguin Random House Christmas

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  1. We always buy books for presents at Christmas, they are such a good gift. The Beatrix Potter set is amazing, I’ll have to hint about it to Mr. C!

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