Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan Review

Erin is now at an age where she is really picking up words quickly and easily so I’m trying to help her as much as I can. Sometimes though, I get a bit stuck on what to teach her and more so, how to teach her. I had had my eye on Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan for a little while now and we have been lucky enough to be able to review it.


The alphaphonics board is presented in a really bright and colourful campervan design, with the pig family sat inside. At the top of the board is a sliding selector which determines which mode you are in. There are 8 modes in total with options such as spelling, find a letter, missing letters etc. Erin is already able to slide across to choose different modes although she doesn’t tend to bother with it too much.

On the left hand side of the board are the volume control buttons, a button which sounds out the whole alphabet and one which plays music. I love that there is a volume option because sometimes, with background noise, people talking etc. some toys just aren’t loud enough. Yes, I just said that!

The alphabet buttons, which take up the largest section of the board, are fantastic. Most of the letters are used for things that Erin already knows, like Bee or Peppa and George. I really think this has helped Erin because she instantly pressed the button, heard the word and repeated it because she knew it already. The lights flash up when they are pressed too which just makes Erin want to press more.

My only real issue with this product is that there is no on/ off switch. It does only take 2 minutes to shut itself off but it also means you’re quite limited about where you can use it. I would have loved to have taken this away to Centre Parcs with us recently but it would have been a nightmare to get there. I can only imagine putting this in a bag or case and have it talk to us the whole journey!

Erin absolutely loves Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan. While she may not be old enough for some of the functions yet, she really enjoys what she can do and there’s loads of time to discover the rest! I’m sure this being would be a hit with any Peppa Pig fan.

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own. 

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