The perfect yorkshire pudding

It has taken me years to be able to make a really good yorkshire pudding. I remember it being one of the first things I tried to cook on my own, although I have no idea why.

My mum has always made quite stodgy yorkshire puddings and I have always loved them. My husband really likes quite flat yorkshire puddings. Luckily, for years I have been making them just like my mum.

However, just recently I have fancied something different. I wanted to be able to make yorkshire puddings like you see at a carvery or like how they made on GBBO! Unfortunately, I had been making my yorkshire puddings in a certain way for so long that I got very stuck in my ways. I never even followed any kind of recipe before, I just threw in the ingredients and hoped for the best. They were always edible at least.

Turns out that following a recipe works really well. I have also recently substituted the lard I would have normally used in the baking tray for sunflower oil. My sister is vegetarian and came to stay last weekend so I needed to learn how to cook with something else.

Normally, I only make 4 large yorkshire puddings seeing as there is only me and John to eat them. This is the recipe I now use:

2 eggs

70g plain flour

100g milk

pinch of salt

I start by cracking the eggs into a large bowl and beat them just a little bit. I then add in half of the flour and begin to mix together, slowly adding the rest of the flour. This makes quite a thick paste. The next step is to add the milk really slowly. I find that doing it this way rather than adding in quite a lot gives a smoother, more lump free batter mix.

I leave the batter in the bowl in the fridge for at least 2 hours before cooking.

In regards to the oil and the baking tray I’m still experimenting a little bit. For the yorkshire puddings you see in the pictures I used sunflower oil. There was maybe 2-3 mm of oil in the bottom of the tray. I had the tray in the oven on 200 degrees for about 20 minutes before adding the batter. I do think the oil could have been a little bit hotter though so next time I’ll leave it for a bit longer and see what happens.

This recipe makes more than 4 large yorkshire puddings. I would say you could probably make 6 large or 10-12 small!

I may not have completely perfected my yorkshire puddings yet but I’m getting there!

How do you make yours?!

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