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I am back at work, albeit not full time anymore, and John works 6 days a week a lot. We really struggle to think of new things to eat. We also struggle to think of meals that don’t take much preparation! John  also has 3 nights a week where I’m not home so he likes to have something different on these evenings. This is why boxes such as the Gousto are perfect for people like us.

To start with, Gousto change their menus regularly and they vary depending on when you want your box delivered. The website clearly shows what is available on which date so ordering is really simple. Each week there are 12 meals available to choose from! When you order, you can pick which day you’d like your food delivered so there’s no reason for anything to go to waste.

You can choose to get either 2, 3 or 4 meals for either 2 or 4 people.

In our box we ordered Lemon Pepper Chicken & Sauteed Potatoes, Apricot Pork With Couscous and Firecracker Pork Noodles. When the box arrived everything was really well packaged and each fresh ingredient was exactly that! We chose meals where everything was included. However, some meals do require you to have one or two items yourself but it seemed like most people would have these things anyway.

Rather than go over every little cooking instruction etc. I want to show you what our meals were like in pictures.

The length of time needed to prepare and cook each meal really depends on what you’ve chosen. Some meals only take 15 minutes while others take 55 minutes. Remember to look at this on the menu when choosing!

While these boxes may seem expensive for an every day kind of meal, I think they’re really good value for something special. 2 meals for 2 people will cost under £30. We found the meals to be quite large in portions and we could have easily got 3 servings out of each meal instead of 2.

Each of our meals so absolutely delicious and really easy to prepare. I think the pictures above really speak for themselves. The meals really did taste as good as they look. These were not meals that we would have had otherwise and it was really nice to try something new. As we had quite a bit of food left over each time John was able to take it to work for his lunch the day after, which he was really pleased about!

If you’re the kind of person/ family who have a takeaway or 2 over the course of a weekend or just want to eat something nicer than your average on occasion, then this could be the box for you. Gousto have so many different meals to choose from and there are some really exciting and different combinations too.


Gousto Box Review

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  1. Your Gousto meal does look gorgeous. I keep debating whether to give them a go but I’m not sure if it would end up costing me more a week. I get your point about using them for ‘special’ though. Like making an effort without all the effort 🙂

  2. I have heard good things about these and can see the appeal. When both my husband and I were working it was hard coming home some days to then start prepping a full meal – this looks like the hardest part of getting everything ready is done for you

  3. I’ve heard a lot about this box so it was nice to read a review. All the food looks delicious and I’m always looking to improve my cooking skills so I’m definitely going to try this.

  4. I’ve heard really good things about these boxes and I’d love to try one out, alas, I don’t think they can deliver to Shetland and have it remain edible! Great box for mainlanders though 🙂

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