Vegetarian Bolognese For 60p A Portion

John decided to go vegetarian a good few months ago now which means we eat slightly different things for a lot of meals. Sometimes, we eat a completely different meal altogether. When we do this it’s sometimes easier to have something for John in the freezer so he doesn’t have to spend ages cooking after work. One of John’s favourites is bolognese as there are many different uses for it! So, here is my vegetarian bolognese that only costs about 60p per portion! Shopping List (Makes 4 portions) 2 carrots – 20p 1/2 onion –

Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Brussel spouts, whether you like them or not, are a traditional part of Christmas dinner. I, personally, am not a fan myself but my husband John LOVES them. The problem with Christmas dinner is that there is so much to do, only a certain number of hobs available on the cooker and not enough time to really do everything you want. I want to spend Christmas Day with my family, watching Erin opening her presents and having fun so I decided to experiment a bit and see what I could cook in my air fryer.

American Breakfast Waffles In Under 15 Minutes

Ever since our holiday and wedding in Orlando back in 2013 I have had this massive love for American breakfast waffles but unfortunately, have never been able to make any. Earlier this month we received a new waffle maker from Dunelm to help us out for Christmas Day breakfast and it is amazing! American breakfast waffles are so much easier to make than I thought they were. I had visions of me messing them up like I normally do with crepes and I thought I’d do something really wrong with the recipe. The problem with

Spinach and Mushroom Mini Quiches

Now that we have moved away from purees and are now a bigger mix of real meals and finger foods I needed to change how I cook for Erin. She loves picking up her food and feeding herself now so I know I need to make things she can eat on her own. I thought I would start with mini quiches. Now, the last time I remember making a quiche was way back in secondary school so we’re talking at least 14 years ago. I did cheat and used a pre-packaged Jus-Rol shortcrust pastry because I

The perfect yorkshire pudding

It has taken me years to be able to make a really good yorkshire pudding. I remember it being one of the first things I tried to cook on my own, although I have no idea why. My mum has always made quite stodgy yorkshire puddings and I have always loved them. My husband really likes quite flat yorkshire puddings. Luckily, for years I have been making them just like my mum. However, just recently I have fancied something different. I wanted to be able to make yorkshire puddings like you see at a carvery