Personalised Travel Accessories

Personalised Travel Accessories From Bags Of Love

Travelling is supposed to be fun and I think the things you travel with should be fun as well. We already have Erin’s first big holiday booked for April 2018 and I want her to realise what family holidays are all about. We recently teamed up with Bags of Love to create some personalised travel accessories for the whole family.

The first product I chose was a luggage tag. I always get worried about our bags going missing when we fly anywhere and I think having a luggage tag with your information on is really important.

The luggage tags from Bags of Love are completely customisable as you’re able to add all of your personal information on one side and add a picture on the other. The Bags of Love website make it really easy to upload photos and view them before you go ahead with a product. Not only do you get a preview but you get a preview on an actual product! The tag comes with a really nice leather belt to attach it to your case which makes it hard for someone to pull off!

With our holiday in April being our first one abroad as a family of three, passports are a must. I need a new one while Erin needs her first and John’s is in date for quite a while. I have had a passport holder for years and years and I really like them. I think it’s important to look after your passport when you don’t need it out for that short time at the airport to make sure nothing happens to it.

Personalised Travel Accessories
To match our new luggage tag we have 3 personalised passport holders, one for each of us!

I had so much fun designing our passport holders. Much like with the luggage tag, you can customise this product in loads of ways. Not only do you get a picture on the front cover but one on the back, and one on each of the inside sleeves.

As you can see from the pictures above, I chose some really fun, family images for our passport covers. I made sure that each passport cover matched the next as I wanted us all to have something similar and something that said ‘family.’ Going on holiday is such a happy time and just looking at these passport covers makes me excited for the adventures we have to come!

I am so impressed with the process of designing personalised items on Bags of Love and the finished products. I can’t wait to take these on holiday with us in April!

Disclaimer: We received these items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

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