Planning a Holiday In 2022: Our Tips to Stay Safe

Planning a Holiday In 2022: Our Tips to Stay Safe

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The year has barely kicked off and we’re probably all thinking the same thing: when can we get away? It’s bound to happen once you enter the office again.

But some of us find ourselves trying to push through a layer of anxiety in order to get excited about getting away. There is so much that can go wrong. Cancelled trips, crime, illness, flying. And it’s all well and good to just not think about it, but that will land you in hot water should you be met with any of these situations. Take a look at the ways you can stave off anxiety and enjoy your travelling with these tips.

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Keep your documents safe

The first step to solving your anxiety problems is to identify what is causing your anxiety, and hopefully then you can prepare for it. You can calm you and your children’s imagination and subsequently plan for your trip by looking up the likely crimes and dangers in the country you’re headed to. It might not be what you’re expecting either. Liam Neeson may have needed to save his daughter from Parisian human traffickers, but she was actually a lot more likely to run into pickpockets in Paris.

A tip for avoiding issues with your stuff is to buy a jacket with lots and lots of pockets. If you’re a woman you will know just how rare that is, so browse the men’s aisle and pick something with inside pockets. Keep your purse and passport literally close to your chest as you wander and keep conversations with strangers on the street short. Sure, they might just be friendly, but they also might be distracting you.

Calm your flying nerves

It’s not natural. We don’t have wings; therefore, we were not meant to fly. We get it. It feels wrong. Especially that lift-off moment when you can feel gravity pin you to your seat.

The first step in dealing with your anxiety is understanding it. Identify your triggers and you can then work around them. Do some research about flying

 before you step on board. Anxiety comes from not knowing, so if you know exactly just how likely a bad situation is, you can rationalize it. Understand that it will be a bumpy ride occasionally, but the plane is designed to deal with it. Understand what causes turbulence and how the pilot deals with it.

There are a lot of ways to deal with in-flight nerves, including hypnosis and therapy. Talk to your doctor if you need help. If all else fails, you’d be best trying to distract yourself. Download an audiobook, grab an inflight movie or play some games on a platform like Unibet roulette.

Sort out your insurance

If your anxiety is centred around what could go wrong, there is a simple remedy that will cover a lot of eventualities: insurance.Holiday insurance will cover you for a lot of issues with travelling. If you fall ill, insurance will cover your medical bills. If you lose your bag, insurance will replace its contents. If you are pickpocketed, insurance will cover your wallet contents.

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