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Preparing For School With Petit Fernand

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It’s surprising how much a child needs even when they’re in nursery. I remember getting Erin’s paperwork which stated what Erin needed to have for school and it was so much more than I imagined. Something I didn’t really think about too much though was labelling things like Erin’s school t-shirts, jumpers and other items of clothes she uses on nursery days. I think I figured that they would be on her so how would they get lost. It turns out this can happen really easily! Being a messy child, Erin ends up getting changed a couple of times a day sometimes and this is when things get misplaced. We have had a few instances of her coming home and things not being put back in her bag so name labels are an absolute must. We have teamed up with Petit Fernand to review their personalised name labels and a lunch box!

Stick-On Labels

With other label companies I have seen up until now you have had to order all of the same kinds of labels in quite a big pack but that’t not how it works with Petit Fernand. We ordered various kinds of stick-on name labels which you can either have in packs of 10 the same or 10 different designs for £3 a pack.

I had so much fun picking the backgrounds, fonts, colours and icons to go on the mixed packs. The Petit Fernand website is so easy to use and there is also a lot of choice. When you choose a multipack you get 10 pre-designed ideas but they are easy to change.

I decided to get a bit of a mix as I don’t like to have too many the same. Erin loves discovering something new or cute so I thought variety was the best option in this case. I now have 20 stickers all with different designs, 10 stickers with foxes and 10 stickers with unicorns.

Petit Fernand stick on labels

Even though I ordered a range of items, they all came delivered in one booklet which I thought was a really good idea. I like that all of Erin’s stickers can be kept in one place or, if you wanted to, you could cut a page out to separate it. The booklet has instructions on how to use the labels, care information and also some free funs stickers in the back as well.

Petit Fernand stick on labels

So far these labels have stuck well to things like boxes and drinks bottles, and have survived being washed multiple times so I hope they last! We have a nice little stockpile as Erin doesn’t need many at the moment but I’m sure we will find uses for them sooner rather than later!

Customised Lunch Box

Erin loved a packed lunch and she gets really excited when she sees hers. During the regular term time Erin actually has hot lunches at nursery but she needs to take packed lunches during the holidays as she attends all year round. Petit Fernand have wonderful bento style lunch boxes that can be customised for £22.

The lunch boxes come in 5 different colours, 30 designs and various fonts and colours for your child’s name. I chose a lilac coloured box with a fun patterned designs on the top consisting of things like unicorns, doughnuts and rainbows.

Petit Fernand lunchbox

Petit Fernand’s lunch boxes have a bottom layer which has 2 removable containers which means you can either split the section or have it as a larger area if you want to. There is also a top layer which is more shallow than the bottom layer and it is split into 2 sections. The box also comes with it’s own ice pack which is great for if you’re going on days out and want to keep the food inside cool!

I really like that 1 layer of the box can be changed to suit your needs. Sometimes Erin wants a bigger sandwich or portion of something so the bottom layer is great for this. The different sections allows for variation without different foods touching.

Petit Fernand lunchbox

We have been really impressed with Petit Fernand and the products we have been trying. Erin’s lunchbox is getting used on a regular basis and even when she’s not using it for nursery, we’re using it for days out and for after swimming! 

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