VonHaus Rose Gold DIY Range Review

John and I are not really the best people when it comes to DIY. We don’t really know what we’re doing and I think we’re both a bit scared that we’re going to do something wrong or end up with a big hole in the wall. There are some jobs we can do ourselves though and one of the most recent has been a gallery wall in our dining room. Our tool collection is a bit of a mess and it’s really a box full of random nails, and screws etc. and we can never really find what we need.

This month we’ve given our took kit a little bit of an upgrade and a make over with the new VonHaus Rose Gold DIY Tools range. The range has 7 different products including a
Cordless Screwdriver & Bit Set, Rose Gold Palm Detail Sander, Drill With 32pc Accessory Set and various tool sets in different sizes.

VonHaus Rose Gold 53pc Household Tool Set

To help sort out the big messy box we have we decided to go with the VonHaus Rose Gold 53pc Household Tool Set which costs £19.99. There are also other sizes available that come in large boxes or bags but we wanted something we could carry around easily and honestly, we don’t need hundreds of different pieces.

The 53 piece set comes in a lovely looking carry case and there is a nice slot for everything inside, keeping it all safe and secure. This set has everything a family like us could need for any quick fixes or little jobs that don’t take too much skill. I love that the carry case doesn’t take up much room and because of the size, it’s also nice and light to carry around.

For years we have struggled putting furniture together using a handheld screwdriver and every single time either something has gone wrong or we have both ended up with hands covered in blisters. I was actually pretty excited when I saw the VonHaus Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver & Bit Set and especially because it only costs £19.99. This comes in a really cute carry case which holds the screwdriver and all of the bits at the same time. This is perfect for if you’re doing multiple jobs around the house and you need to use something for different screws.

VonHaus Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver & Bit Set

VonHaus Rose Gold Cordless Screwdriver & Bit Set

This isn’t just a basic screwdriver though as it also has a torch for when you need to screw something in a dark space. One of the best features of this screwdriver is the fact that it also has an easy twist handle. You can change the screwdriver so it fits better into awkward space to make it work the way you need it to. I have never seen a screwdriver that can do this before so that’s really something quite special.

Lastly, we also have the Rose Gold Palm Detail Sander which costs £19.99. For someone who doesn’t really do too much DIY this may sounds like a bit of a strange choice. As we live in an old house that was not looked after by its previous owners we are quite often finding bits of floorboards or sides of doors that are a bit rough and we try to sand them by hand. We don’t want Erin to accidentally get a splinter for things like this so the sander will make jobs like this a lot easier and quicker. It will also give us peace of mind that we have a smooth finish and haven’t missed any bits as we might do otherwise.

Rose Gold Palm Detail Sander

I really love the look and feel of this whole range. It’s definitely a bit more feminine than other tools and tool kits I have seen but when I asked John about it, he didn’t even notice the colours so I don’t think that would be a problem for many people. The prices are really reasonable and the products are all really well thought out. I feel a bit more at ease about tackling some jobs around the house now.


Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.  

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