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An easy, and quick, way to addd a different feel to a room is with wall art. You can add as many pictures as you want to a wall and create a whole new look, or change up the theme of a room. If you’re looking to do something like this then Desenio offer a huge range of both prints and frames.

Wall art for children’s bedrooms

This year Erin has asked for a change in her bedroom. What is currently a very neutral, woodland themed room is going to be turned into a pink, rainbow and unicorn filled room. Erin has a very clear idea in her head of what she wants and Desenio had loads of options.

Desenio has a whole section dedicated to kid’s wall art and prints. You can break down the category into more specific ideas such as ‘world maps’, ‘baby’ or ‘animal illustrations.’ Alternatively, you can use the search function if you have something specific in mind.

Before I made my final choices for Erin’s room I made use of Desenio’s gallery wall tool. Here, I could set up the layout that I would use in Erin’s room and add each item to see what it would look like. This is a really great feature if you want to put together a gallery wall but aren’t sure about sizes, colours or if prints work well together.

Desenio 30x40 frames

To finish off Erin’s new prints I wanted to have frames for each of them. There are various options for frames and you can find the right size you need quite easily. Then, you can look through the colour and material options. As Erin’s walls are going to be pink I went for white frames to help them to stand out more.

Be inspired to travel

One thing I enjoy more than a lot of other things is travel and I love to have reminders of that around our house. We’ve had other travel related wall art from Desenio in the past so I knew I’d be able to find something amazing to give my living room wall a new look.

This time, I wanted to choose some wall art of places me and John have already been. It’s nice to look back and think about previous trips, which is why I chose images of Paris, London and New York City. Each print is stunning, showing a wonderful place in each city.

Desenio 50x70 frames
Desenio 50×70 frames

Again, frames can really help to make a piece of wall art stand out and Desenio have a great range of sizes. The travel images I chose are quite large, being 50x70cm each, but Desenio had plenty of frames to choose from. I really like that, in each size, there are different colours and finishes available so you can find something to suit your decor, and your new wall art, perfectly.

Desenio is definitely our go to when it comes to finding new wall art for any room in our house.


Wall art for every room from Desenio

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