Project Erin

Being painted in neutral colours means that Erin’s nursery is quite plain. We have a lovely, large tree sticker on one wall and there are little bits and pieces of woodland themed items but nothing major. Money is always tight now though with me being on maternity leave but I want Erin’s room to be nice. I want there to be different things in there that she can discover when she’s old enough. I want her to have something different and a room so special that she loves spending time in there. I want Erin to think of her bedroom as a safe haven.

Not being able to afford to buy the mostly amazing, or even the slightly cool items for her room means having to make some things myself. I have never been artsy or very creative though. My sister is the creative one as she can draw and paint. Me, I’m lucky if I can draw a stick man properly. I did have an idea in my head though so off I went and bought a few items and a glue gun.

I had seen children’s names up on their walls or on a shelf and decorated in the theme of the bedroom. I wanted this for Erin. I didn’t really know how to go about making it though so I kind of winged the whole project.

This is how it ended up:

2016-03-22 20.31.57

It is by no means perfect and it certainly wasn’t easy to make. In fact, it was bloody hard! I had no idea that glueing fabric to 30cm cardboard letters would be so damn difficult. I forgot about corners and angles and all of that kind of thing. I didn’t realise beforehand that I couldn’t just cover the front as the letters are 3D and edges would also need to be covered. The edges aren’t near. The fabric has frayed and the R is just a bit messy in loads of different places.

I just don’t care though. Erin’s name looks pretty nice from afar so it will be perfect on a shelf in one of the alcoves in her room. I now have to figure out how to get these letters to stand up properly though because some of them have fabric on the bottoms and are now not even at all. Oops.

Considering this is my first craft project, I’m pretty proud of it. I do kind of wish I’d cheated and painted each letter like I did with the I but then they wouldn’t be as interesting. The whole thing cost me about £10 and that was with a cheap glue gun. I was lucky that a local craft shop was having a massive sale and I got the fabric for 50p each and ribbon wasn’t very expensive at all.

Next up will be a fabric covered pin board… after I get over doing this project!

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