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John has been bugging me to join the library since I moved here I think. It’s taken me three years to join and I think that’s mainly because of Erin. She joined as soon as she was born and now going to the library is something we do at least once a week. Wednesday is Bounce and Rhyme day and we also sometimes go on other days to get new books for bedtime.

Library card

My local library has a small, but really well stocked children’s section. Erin doesn’t really look at the books at the minute so I always end up getting her books aimed at slightly older children. We read her at least 1 story before bed every single night, some of which are longer than others. We generally always have the maximum 13 books on loan because I like to have plenty of options at bed time (well, for John to have options as he puts Erin to bed).

Library books

Something I think we’ll be taking advantage of when Erin is a bit older is the story sacks. The library put together sacks filled with books/ toys/ items with a certain theme that you can take home. I think this is a fantastic idea so children can learn about 1 thing at a time in many different ways. They do seem to be very popular though and are often all on loan so I’ll have to make sure to remember to reserve them!

I know Erin doesn’t understand about the library yet, or even realises when we are there but I know it’s going to a place she’ll enjoy when she’s older!

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