Protect Your Garden From Pests

Protect Your Garden From Pests

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Gardens can attract all kinds of unwanted visitors from slugs to wasps. Whether you’re trying to protect your vegetable patch from being eaten or trying to protect you and your guests from being stung/bitten at your next garden party, the following anti-pest measures may be able to help.  

Use organic pesticides

Spraying pesticides onto your plants could prevent them getting eaten by critters. Unfortunately, many chemical pesticides can have harmful side-effects, killing off friendly insects like bees and butterflies and possibly even causing harm to your own health (some are thought to be carcinogenic). You’re much better off using organic pesticides – salt spray is a popular and effective natural pesticide that can be used to ward off slugs and snails. Citrus oil and garlic spray are also options worth trying that will ward off aphids and the neighbour’s cat. You may be able to make your own organic pesticides, but if you don’t have the time sites like Planet Natural have pre-made sprays that you can buy.

Lay traps

You can also lay traps to catch unwanted pests. Beer traps are effective at trapping slugs and snails and are a popular option for those wanting to protect their patch. You can also buy wasp traps at sites like WaspBane, which can be hung around the garden to help trap wasps.  

Use deterrent scents

Certain bugs dislike certain scents. Mosquitoes are known to dislike citronella – lighting a citronella candle could be enough to ward off some of the mozzies when hosting your next outdoor party. Wasps and ants meanwhile hate peppermint – adding a peppermint plant to your garden could help to ward off these critters.

Hang up a fake wasps nest

Did you know that you can ward off wasps by hanging up a fake wasps’ nest? Wasps tend to steer clear of nests that aren’t their own – this is because wasps live in colonies and are very territorial. You can buy fake nests online, although a crumpled paper bag can sometimes be enough to fool wasps.  

Know when to get professional help

Certain pests may require professional help to remove from your garden. Wasp nests can be dangerous and difficult to remove oneself without the right knowledge and tools – hiring a professional pest control service such as ABC pest control is a much more sensible option. Pest control could also be useful when dealing with ant and termite infestations.

Encourage the right wildlife

You may be able to get rid of pests in your garden simply by encouraging the right kinds of wildlife. Birds will help to eat most bugs including slugs, snails and even wasps. Having a tree in your garden could encourage birds to nest, whilst bird-feeders and bird baths may also attract birds to your garden. If you have a pond, adding goldfish could meanwhile prevent it becoming a mosquito nesting ground. 


Protect Your Garden From Pests

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