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Erin is now on three meals a day and is a couple of months into weaning now. Getting her to drink water throughout the day is really important and we have tried quite a few different cups so far. I was so pleased when Haberman got in touch to see if Erin would like to try one of their cow cups. Carry on reading for a review and giveaway!

The Haberman Cow Cup is named as such because of the design, which is cow print. The cup is available in black/white, pink/white, blue/white and green/white so there is a colour for everyone’s taste.

The cow cup is a sippy cup, designed to help children transition from bottle to regular drinking cup. This cup has a snap on lid with a spout that has a Haberman no spill valve. This means that you should be able to tip the cup upside down without it spilling. The cup also has quite thin handles which are perfect for small hands. The cup is quite a good size so can hold plenty of water (250ml) for if you’re out and about during the day.

cow-cup (1)

This is a sippy cup that looks fantastic. It really makes a change to have something fun and interesting. Other cups we have tried so far have been one block colour and really boring. Children like fun and colourful things to look at so why not make things like this exciting. I also think the design will make a child more likely to make them want to use it.

Not only does the cup look fantastic but it is super easy to look after!

Before use wash with warm soapy water and rinse well.
Avoid using sharp or abrasive cleaning materials.
Our products are dishwasher safe to 65°C, top rack – (except for the removable valve of the ‘360° Cup’, which we recommend you wash by hand).
With spouted cups, always make sure the spout and valve area is clean (clean the spout only by using a suitable teat brush).
To sterilise our products we recommend solution methods only.
Drinks may be warmed slightly in a microwave (without lid).
Not suitable for use with hot or fizzy drinks.

Erin is still getting used to using a cup but she can hold this one really well. She understands how it works and can easily tip it up to her mouth. Sometimes she does struggle to get the water out but she does only have a tiny little mouth, bless her!

Haberman have given me a couple of these cow cups to give away to my readers. To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below. The winner will be drawn at random on 21st August 2016.

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30 thoughts on “Review: Haberman Cow Cup”

  1. What a stylish cup! Who says sippy cups should be boring? 🙂 Erin seems to love it too 🙂 So cute.

  2. So when I was asked to review the Haberman cups I had to make sure that I had one for each child, ignoring the fact that the big one can indeed drink from a so-called grown up cup already.

  3. I love the pink and white one, it would be lovely for my little girl. We just started our weaning journey on Sunday, its going well so far! I’ve seen the black and white one in the shops but not the other colours, they are lush. x

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