My mum bags

My Mum Bag

A few days ago now I read a post that I loved. One of the bloggers that quite often makes my day, makes me spit out my drinks with laughter and makes me realise that sometimes, other people have more shit days than I do wrote a post called The Mum Bag. I loved reading about what she carried around on such a short trip and it made me want to write about my mum bag.

My mum bag is a bit strange to be honest. It started out as a proper changing bag but it got so weighed down with everything I hoarded in it. I’m cheating a bit here because I generally carry around 2 bags. One is my pram organiser and one is Erin’s Skip Hop Fox Lunchie. Some days I have everything in the big bag and sometimes all of the crap is split into two!

My mum bag

My mum bags

I have no idea what people do with more than one child. I only have Erin and I feel like I carry around everything minus (sometimes including) the kitchen sink. Everything weighs a bloody ton, especially when I use the one big bag for longer journeys.

So, during term time Erin and I go to quite a few different classes. I thought I’d write about my mum bag on one of these days. Now, each class is literally 5 minutes down the road from my house. I don’t drive so off we go with the pram and our bag or bags.

Erin obviously needs 3 changes of vest, some leggings and a couple of t shirts. What she is going to do to herself in the space of about an hour and 10 minutes I’ll never know. But, just in case, she needs to have changes and I need to have options. Most of the time I’m happy as long as Erin is half clean so I’m not the kind of mum that would change her for one speck of dirt. My bag says otherwise though.

I have 6 nappies, one nearly full pack of wipes and god knows how many nappy bags. It was a pack of 300 so there’s probably at least 100 left. Erin’s nappy is changed right before she leaves. It’s very rare that I ever need to change her while we’re out. I have god knows how many sample size tubes of nappy cream. I don’t like to use this unless I have to. Erin doesn’t really get sore or have nappy rash. One sample tube would probably last me months.

My mum bag

Now that Erin is on solids and has three meals a day and snacks I always carry food around with me. We have banana wafers, 4 spoons, a couple of pouches and fruit pots. Sometimes some of the food is homemade but the majority of the time it’s not. Shop bought pouches are a much better and safer consistency to feed a 7 month old when you’re sat on the floor during baby yoga. She also loves them. Fed baby = happy baby! Food means also having a load of bibs. Purees go absolutely everywhere!

my mum bag

Teething babies mean teethers and lots of them. Erin prefers a different one from one minute to the next. Choices are important. Teething also means gels, granules and bickiepegs. Again, options! I’m surprised the Calpol wasn’t in the bag today actually. That’s normally there for just in case.

My mum bag

For me I have my purse for that sneaky Mars Bar on the way home. My keys come in handy for getting back in the house. Classes can mean sweating because they’re either full of parents and babies or we end up doing crazy things that make me sweat at yoga so a spritz spray is always needed. I have Erin’s sun cream, even though I applied it just before we left the house and she’ll be asleep and covered up before we head home. I have a pop bands, bobbles and hair grips. My hair ends up going up at a class or after it so why I can’t do this before I leave the house?

My mum bag

My phone comes everywhere with me so that’s always thrown in the bag even though I’m too busy to do anything with it. The iPod comes with me too and  I never even get to use it because I have random one way conversations with Erin instead. I miss my cheesy happy music!

All of these things are all in the bag/ bags. Someone all of this stuff fits both in the big changing bag and the two separate bags (I tested it). How the hell have I managed that?! This is all without going into what is in the bottom of the pram because that’s just a whole load of other things we never use or need.

My mum bags

I know I carry around way too much. I thought the two separate bags would fix this. It didn’t! Do you carry around even more than this?!


My Mum Bag

16 thoughts on “My Mum Bag”

  1. Love the contents of your bag! I remember those days too when I used to carry around way too much. In fact, out of habit, I still carry way too much with me. T is six next month and yet, I still carry change of clothing for her in my bag, which she hardly ever uses 😉 x

  2. Pahahaha!!!
    You’re very organised, I’m loving that.
    We have to prepare for all eventualities don’t we.

    I also, usually, have a separate bag for the toddler/older boys but my ‘handbag’ – okay, rucksack, gets carted everywhere with me.
    One day we will downsize Hun, one day…
    Xxx ?????

    1. I had to go out the other day with just a handbag (John had Erin) and I hated it!! Having to actually carry something seems strange now x

  3. My mum bag is usually totally a shambles and a while ago I am ashamed to say I had to scrape out some mouldy satsuma peel from the bottom of it – yuk!

  4. I love these posts so much, it’s great knowing I’m not the only one who lumps everything together. I’m like you though, I do have two bags but one is a lunch/cool bag for the little ones food for out and about! Cute wee fox design as well.

    Jordanne ||

  5. I can kinda relate to this because in my younger years as an art student I carried way too much and still do to this day. I can’t imagine myself decluttering things I don’t need which i probably should do.

  6. Love the contents!!! It’s so amazing what we carry around isn’t it! I was on a rare evening out the other day with my friends and dropped my bag. Out came a sippy cup and some nappies. I didn’t have time to empty my bag and I was there all dresses up really nice with baby stuff all over the floor. One day we’ll claim our handbags back haha. xx

  7. 6 nappies, that’s brilliant!

    I love this idea! I did take a photo of my changing bag that I lug about a few months ago as I found so much random stuff in there. I’ll dig it out and do a post too x

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