How you can save money on your bills

When you own your own home, or rent for that matter, saving money where and when you can is really important. I have always tried to save money if I could but now that we have a 1 year old and money is tight sometimes, saving money is even more important!

Saving money doens’t have to be as annoying or as complicated as changing energy suppliers though. There are loads of things you can do around the house to save a bit here and there! Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies have come up with a really helpful infographic which shows some ways that you can save money!

save money

I am so guilty of having some really bad habits at home. I definitely don’t unplug small appliances when they’re not being used. My electrical items are not plugged into ‘smart power strips’. My laptop is pretty much turned on 24 hours a day most of the time and I always have one of my phones charging.

I know changing some of these things won’t make me a millionaire with the money I’d save but it would certainly be better than nothing! Our electricity bill isn’t as cheap as it could be so we’ll definitely be making some changes around our house.

Are you as guilty as me for not doing enough to save money on your energy bills? 

This post is in collaboration with Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies. All opinions are our own. 

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