Should I Encourage My Child To Go To University?

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If you are trying to help your child decide whether or not to go to university, here is some useful advice from Mount House School

There are various reasons for going to university. Many students wish to continue learning about a particular subject they have enjoyed at school and many wish to develop skills for their chosen career. However, some youngsters decide to go to university to experience living away from home and to enjoy the social life.

Regardless of the reason, it is important to remind your child that university is ultimately for learning and can open up a greater choice of career opportunities if they work hard.

They mustn’t forget that although there is the appeal of a great social life, they must have a genuine desire to learn about their chosen subject. This will help to make their university experience more fulfilling and rewarding.

Another key consideration for parents is whether their child is motivated enough to study independently, without being prompted by a teacher or parent. Depending on your child, it might be more motivating to combine study with paid work experience. It’s worth discussing the learning environment they feel they will benefit from the most and if they would like to start earning while they learn.

If student debt is a concern, then it is vital to do your research. Take time to carefully consider your options and decide what is best for your family financially. There are loans available to cover university fees and living costs. Repayments of these loans usually begin when your child has graduated and has started earning at least £21,000.

There are many choices for your child to consider once they have finished school. Whether they decide to go to university, find work experience or take a gap year, it is important to talk through their options and support their decisions.


Should I Encourage My Child To Go To University?

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