Should you think about interior design when selling your property?

Should you think about interior design when selling your property?

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Did you know that the quality of your interior design could help you to sell your property faster? If you’re selling your home and you’re wondering if home décor could determine its value, the answer is absolutely yes.

With the Bank of England raising interest rates to their highest levels in 27 years, we know it’s important to do everything possible to get a fair price for your property. In the following guide, we’ll outline some tips for making sure the interior of your home wins people over, especially during the viewing process.

The influence of interior design

According to research carried out by fitted wardrobe specialist Hammonds, 40% of Brits says that interior design is among their top priorities when looking for a new house. 

Even though gardens, storage solutions and surrounding neighbourhoods make a difference too, it’s important for people to be able to imagine living in your space.

So, whether you’re into gothic design or all the latest contemporary trends, it’s important to make sure that prospective new residents can tell you’ve taken the time and effort to make your house a home. 

Are men or women more concerned?

The results of Hammonds’ study also revealed an interesting fact when it comes down to differences between men and women and their thoughts on viewing houses. 

Perhaps surprisingly, men are more concerned with this level of interior detail. A striking 46% of male respondents deemed decorative features to be an important house element when home hunting, against just 36% of the female respondents.

Which interior styles do Brits prefer?

Based on TikTok searches, Brits’ preferred styles are minimalism, farmhouse décor and boho décor. With Hammonds’ study finding over 250 million total views falling under each hashtag, the most-searched interior design hashtags include:

  • #minimalism
  • #farmhousedecor
  • #bohodecor

And which style do they prefer the least?

As evident through Hammonds’ survey, the least favourite interior style was maximalism, which prompted 32% of surveyed Brits to admit that they would attempt to negotiate a lower price. 

Maximalism is often deemed a purposeful reaction against minimalism, and in interior design, it manifests with bold and quirky colours, shapes, furnishings, and decorations. Even though loud, proud, and vibrant tones are on-trend, it still seems that most Brits would prefer a calm, comforting and peaceful tone in their home.

The bottom line

Altogether, if you’re planning to sell your house, it’s better to keep things minimal. There’s nothing wrong with a touch of beige or another neutral shade to make sure every room is finished with inoffensive décor.

If you’re happy to opt for a minimalist approach but you still prioritise quality, why not choose a neutral shade from one of the best interior paint brands to transform your home?

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