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When it comes to buying presents there are generally a few websites I go to first. For Erin I absolutely love Wicked Uncle as the choice they offer is fantastic and they always have things I have never seen elsewhere. However, until recently I thought that Wicked Uncle was just for children. It turns out they have something for everyone with gifts for babies all the up to the oldest of adults. Yep, they have gift ideas for Big Kidz!

When I first heard about the Big Kidz category I was really excited. Not only do I have John to buy for at birthdays and Christmas but a brother in law who can sometimes be a bit… tricky. I found loads in the Big Kidz range that would be perfect for them both.

Sometimes John can find himself with not a lot to do and I know he gets twitchy fingers. He likes to keep himself busy but also do something that can make him think. The Big Kidz range has some really great puzzles and 2 in particular really stood out to me. These were the IQ Puzzler Pro – 2D & 3D Brain Teaser and the IQ Stars – 120 Challenges.

Both of these puzzles cost only £9.95 each so they’re great stocking fillers or presents from the kids. Each puzzles has 120 different challenges so there are loads of ways to use them and they also have different difficulties to complete. The puzzles come in really handy cases so they’re perfect for if you’re travelling too!

IQ Stars - 120 Challenges

Next up I found a puzzle of a different kind; the Volcano Puzzle – Wooden Brain Teaser and this one comes in at only £4.95. While I was looking through the Big Kidz products I noticed that there was really something for most budgets. Sometimes smaller presents are harder to buy for and these were perfect for what I wanted.

Volcano Puzzle - Wooden Brain Teaser

Lastly, I found something that would be a great gift for so many people I know, me included. The 100 Movies – Scratch Off Bucket List is a really fun thing for people to try to complete and great for couples. The films aren’t exactly all family friendly though so it’s not suitable for working through with younger children. I found loads I haven’t watched so I’d love to work through this one myself.

100 Movies - Scratch Off Bucket List

100 Movies - Scratch Off Bucket List

Ordering from Wicked Uncle was really easy and the whole process was really stress free. From the minute my order went through I was kept informed about what was happening with my order and when it should be arriving. The delivery time wasn’t very long at all so I know if I was in a bit of a rush to buy a present I could order something and know it would be delivered on time.

I know I’ll be looking at Wicked Uncle again when it comes to buying presents for the more awkward people in my life!


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