5 Ways To Spend A Summer Evening With The Family

5 Ways To Spend A Summer Evening With The Family

We’re are in the middle of a pretty hot heatwave (or, you know, that thing called summer) at the moment and sometimes, it’s just too hot to go out in the middle of the day. As much as Erin would love to be out playing in the garden or at the park all of the time, it’s just not practical. If you have children that are old enough to stay up maybe that bit later, early evening is a much more comfortable time to be outside. Here are 5 ways to spend a summer evening with the family:

Play in the garden

If you have a garden at home this is the perfect place to spend an evening as a family. We have a lovely big table and chair set so if we wanted to, we could quite easily have dinner outside every evening. It’s also a safe place for Erin to play where she can go inside at any point if she gets too warm or needs something to eat or drink.

Have a picnic

There are so many places you can go to have a picnic and sometimes it’s great to get out of the house, especially if you’ve been home all day. Living in Norfolk we have so many beautiful places close by that we can go to if we fancy a picnic together. Some of the beaches are especially quiet on an evening and you could even treat yourself to an ice cream afterwards.

Get active

Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean you have to stop being active. Erin loves the park and I think she would spend hours there no matter what the weather is like if we would let her. The great thing about going to the park is that there is so much to do. If there is a play area then this would be great for younger children. Older children might like to race around on Heelys or maybe you could take a football or tennis rackets and a ball.

Go swimming

If it’s been really hot during the day I want to be able to cool down as quickly as possible. Our local swimming pool is indoors but the temperature can be pretty amazing when it’s too warm outside. The changing rooms might be too warm but the minute you get in that water there is a wave of relief and coolness that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Have a water fight

Just this afternoon everyone was out in the garden going a bit crazy with water guns. The summer is a great time for being outdoors in general but water fights are what gardens are made for. Even Erin joined in this afternoon, running around while trying to shoot her Grandma with a water gun. Everyone got a bit too hot after not very long which is why it would be so much better to do this in the evening.

What do you like to do in the evening when it’s been really hot? 


5 Ways To Spend A Summer Evening With The Family

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