Staying Sun Safe With Solero

We have been very lucky to have had a fantastic summer this year. We have seen regular temperatures of 25°C and some days have even reached 30°C here in Norfolk. We have spent so much time outside in the back garden, at the park or just walking to and from nursery and in times like this it’s so important to remember about sun protection. We have used so much this summer so when LloydsPharmacy got in touch about their own range of sun care I couldn’t wait to try a couple of their products.

Solero sun care

Sometimes, it can take quite some time to get Erin sorted when it comes to her sun protection, mainly because she wants to do it herself. This means I am left with very little time to sort myself out but the Solero SPF30 invisible sun spray means I can be protected in next to no time. The can advises you to apply generously before heading out into the sun, then again 15 minutes after with reapplication every 1-2 hours to make sure you’re protected.

Something I hate about sun creams is that sometimes they can make your skin feel clogged and greasy. This one felt really light on my skin and it actually felt really nice to spray on in the warm weather.

Solero sun care

Erin is at an age now where she wants to do everything herself, including putting on her own sun cream. LloydsPharmacy have a few different options for children’s protection but we have been trying out the Solero kids SPF50+ ultra-sensitive sun lotion. This comes in a large 400ml bottle which is great because it’s important to keep topping children up while you’re out and about.

Solero kids SPF50+

We have to be quite careful about what we use on Erin’s skin because it’s sensitive but the Solero kids SPF50+ ultra-sensitive sun lotion is fragrance free and suitable for skin with eczema which makes it great for Erin. Since we have been using this sun cream she has had no reactions whatsoever so I would definitely buy this again knowing that it’s safe for her.

Solero kids SPF50+

The only issue with having a squeezy bottle of sun cream with a toddler is that it can (and will) go everywhere. Erin doesn’t understand that a little bit can go a long way and she doesn’t understand why she has to stop sometimes. This can make getting her protected and covered quite difficult… or fun in her opinion. There is a spray option available too so this might be a better choice for us for next time.

The Solero range has something for everyone, even people who have reactions to the sun, in varying levels of protection. 


Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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