How to arrange wall art

AD | Collaborative post I’ve been meaning to give my home a quick refresh for months but I keep thinking about how to do it without spending too much money. Will it be a quick coat of paint? A furniture rearrangement? It was then that I started to look at my walls… my bare walls. It was like a lightbulb turned on in my head, I should do something about my naked white walls!  As House and Garden mentions, “So long as you frame and hang something properly, budget does not matter when it comes

Creations From Nursery

When Erin started going to nursery one of the things I was strangely looking forward to was her bringing things home with her. Although we don’t do too much of it at home, Erin loves some messy play and she loves to play with colours and crayons. I knew that these kinds of activities at nursery would be some of her favourites and I wasn’t wrong. Erin has only been going for 2 months but already she has been sent home with lots of creations from nursery. Erin is only 2 so I know that