How to arrange wall art

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I’ve been meaning to give my home a quick refresh for months but I keep thinking about how to do it without spending too much money. Will it be a quick coat of paint? A furniture rearrangement? It was then that I started to look at my walls… my bare walls. It was like a lightbulb turned on in my head, I should do something about my naked white walls! 

As House and Garden mentions, “So long as you frame and hang something properly, budget does not matter when it comes to art. With the right surrounds, anything from a Picasso to a poster can make a big impact.” I wasn’t thinking of hanging a Picasso anytime soon but those were my thoughts correctly – any type of art can look beautiful on your walls when hung and arranged properly.

Time to strategise. 

How many pieces of art do you want to be hung on the wall? Do you want a focal large picture and then smaller art pieces scattered around it? Will you have to drill on your walls to hang your pictures? Do you want to be creative about hanging art?

UK fixings supplier, Speedy Fixings recommend fitting wall plugs before fastening screws into your walls for a firm hold. Don’t forget to use a stud finder before drilling anything into your walls to make sure you don’t drill through hidden wiring and pipes.

Different arrangements.

Perhaps you want to create a gallery wall with frames that have different sizes and shapes. The best way to go around doing so is by either displaying them on the floor and play around with placement or cutting cardboard shapes and taping them to the wall to have an idea of the final look.

Ideal Home shared the three in a row trick. “A trick that stylists often use when they’re putting a scheme together is the rule of three, where odd-numbered groupings look more natural and work better together than even-numbered.” Place your pieces of wall art evenly spaced apart for the best effect.

Get creative.

Do you want to display art in your interiors but have the chance to keep rearranging them as you please? “Go for a picture shelf. Install floating shelves and display your pictures leaning towards the wall.” recommends this article on My Fashion Life.

If you’d like to keep your walls bare, this blog post on Renovation Bay Bee mentions that you could display art in different ways, such as hanging it on ceiling hooks, to add colour to your interiors.

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