6 Elf on the shelf ideas for when you have completely forgotten

The elf on the shelf will be making a big return on the first of December. Let’s face it, some parents absolutely love it, while others just tolerate the tradition. But there is no denying that it can really add the magic to the Christmas period for your children. A tradition that is no doubt going to be a memorable one in years to come. However, there is a lot of pressure on parents to get it right. Not just setting up the elf in fun and naughty ways, but the pressure to actually remember

9 quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort

The elf on the shelf will soon be returning to households across the world as children, and parents, prepare and look forward to the big day ahead. Christmas is such a magical time for families, especially children, and the elf on the shelf can be a lovely tradition to introduce. But whether you have done it year after year, or this is your first time embracing it, there will be times where you need something quick and easy for your elf. So with that in mind, here are some of the quick and easy elf

Why The Elf On The Shelf Won’t Be Visiting Our House This Year (Or Any Other)

When it comes to Christmas there are some things that I have very strong opinions about and one of them is the Elf on the Shelf. I don’t know when Elf On The Shelf started but I do know it wasn’t a thing when I was growing up or even when I was a teenager. I think I’ve only really noticed it online for the past 3 or 4 years but it could have been around longer than that. The basic idea of Elf On The Shelf is that in order for Santa to know which children