9 quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort

9 quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort

The elf on the shelf will soon be returning to households across the world as children, and parents, prepare and look forward to the big day ahead. Christmas is such a magical time for families, especially children, and the elf on the shelf can be a lovely tradition to introduce. But whether you have done it year after year, or this is your first time embracing it, there will be times where you need something quick and easy for your elf. So with that in mind, here are some of the quick and easy elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort. 

Getting creative with decorations 

Decorations are always a great prop to use and usually, you have things to hand such as ribbons, tinsel, decorations, and wrapping paper. So use them to your advantage with some of the quick and easy elf on the shelf idea.s 

Wrapping presents or the elf

A simple and effective setup is to get your elf to wrap some presents up. They don’t need to be actual presents, they could look to wrap up some of your children’s toys, or even end up in a mess with the wrapping paper and wrap themselves. You can leave bits of wrapping and celotape on them as well as ribbons and bows. This could be a messy one that your children will love. 

Decorate your child’s favourite toy

Another great suggestion would be to wrap up your child’s favourite toy in decorations;. Cover their toy in tinsel or ribbon and leave the elf holding some so your children will know that they are the culprit. 

Add some decorations to your child’s room

You could also take the time to decorate your child’s room. This is another great way to add an element of surprise without it taking too much time. Of course, this is only a possible option if your child is a heavy sleeper, as the last thing you want is for them to wake up mid decoration. 

Decorate another room in your home

If your child does wake up easily you could decorate another room in the home elf style. Maybe the children’s playroom or add some extra sparkle to a loving room perhaps. 

Naughty antics 

Part of the fun with the elf on the shelf is to embrace all of the naughty antics, so here are a few quick and easy elf on the shelf ideas that are a little bit naughty. 

Sabotage the Christmas tree

One that children love is when the elf has sabotaged the Christmas tree. This is a funny one and you can do it however you like. Wrap the Christmas tree in toilet roll, remove the decorations, or purchase some hideous ones and then add them to the tree when the kids are in bed. 

Unravelling toilet roll

Toilet roll is a great option to use when you want create some mass destruction from the elf without having too much to clear up. The toilet roll can be wrapped around different things, or even unravelled in a pile and placing your elf in the middle of the mess. It isn’t too expensive and is very effective in terms of making a mess. 

Stage an elf kidnap

If your children have vivid imaginations then a great option to consider is staging an elf kidnap. For this, you will need something to tie up the elf. Such as string, ribbon, or even tinsel. Then tie up the elf and place them somewhere your children will see. Put a toy next to the elf holding a bit of what you have tied the elf up and there you have it. You could also get creative with extra toys and make it look like there was a riot of toys attacking the elf. 

Getting breakfast ready

Something really quick and easy is to get the elf to get breakfast ready. Simple place some cereal in the bowls, scatter a bit of mess and then place your elf holding the spoon. Some people stick their elf inside the cereal box and leave it out. You can get as creative as you like or just keep it simple. The more mess there is, the more excited your children will get. 

Take some pictures on your phone known as “Elfie’s”

Finally, you could use a phone or iPad and take some pictures of your elf and then show your child in the morning. Better still if you can lay the elf next to your sleeping child and then take a pic, it will really add to the magic. Print them off or show your children what you found in the morning. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration for elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort. 


9 quick and easy Elf on the shelf ideas that require minimum effort

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