That bloody dog!

When I planned to write this post a few days ago, it was going to have a completely different meaning. Now, I’m literally writing about that bloody dog!

Every morning John takes Jackson to the park to have a good run around before he goes to work or just early on a weekend. This past Sunday was no different. John and Jackson went off and came back about 45 minutes later like normal.

Then, when Jackson was having a drink in the kitchen we noticed all of the blood! The kitchen floor and Jackson’s paws were covered. I had to quickly try to wash it off to see where it was coming from. Jackson is pretty good at getting in the bath for a shower but he didn’t want the water touching him this time.

John retraced their steps and figured that it was some glass on the floor down a short cut they take.

After giving Jackson a shower and keeping him in the kitchen with a towel for a while, his paw stopped bleeding. However, we then went out in the garden for a bit and when we came back in it was bleeding again… a lot! So, off John went to every single shop in town. None of them sell bandages. Bloody Sainsbury’s and Lidl. I mean honestly, what kind of crappy first aid sections they have. It’s like no one ever needs a bandage in this town. John trekked all the way to the pharmacy, spent Β£6 on one bandage we can’t even use and then bought one we could use.

Jackson then ended up having another shower and me doing my best first aid on him. The poor puppy had to have a big old bandage on his paw. He did get it off once so I had to figure out how to tie a damn knot in it. Not easy, let me tell you.

The poor puppy is stuck with a few days of limited exercise and very little play. He’s going to be so excited when he can finally go to the park again and chase some balls around.

People leaving broken glass on the floor and not clearing up after themselves really pisses me off. There are loads of bins near where this happened and it’s not hard to just put things in one! Some people are so irresponsible and stupid and clearly don’t give a shit about other people or think about the poor animals that get hurt because of their immature actions. Grrr!

9 thoughts on “That bloody dog!”

  1. Oh dear, the poor pet. It’s so dangerous how much broken glass people leave around, showing absolutely no care for anyone else around them. Pets and small kids in particular, and it’s so easy for a small cut to get infected with these things if you don’t catch it soon enough. Hopefully he’s on the mend now and it’ll all fade away as a bad memory!

  2. Poor pup! I’m glad you got it sorted. Yes, that would definitely annoy me too! It’s funny this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to Doc, but so far it hasn’t … yet.

  3. Oh no poor doggy! I have a real beef with people who leave broken glass around it is so irresponsible and dangerous to both pets and small children alike!

  4. Poor Jackson! Hope he’s doing good. That’s one this I always feared taking my dog out. I hate that there’s always glass about these days. I’m so worried my little one will fall and cut himself.

    Jordanne ||

  5. Oh no the poor thing, why would people not clear up glass that makes me so mad. Hope he recovers quickly xx

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