The Benefits of The Arts in Schools

The Benefits of The Arts in Schools

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School subjects such as drama, music, and dance, are more important than you might think. When encouraging their children to perform well in school, parents tend to focus on the core academic subjects, such as maths and science. However, the arts also teach youngsters valuable skills that they can carry through life. A performing arts school in Barnet have provided more information below on the benefits of the arts in schools.

Improves Confidence

The arts subjects require students to perform in front of their peers, and perhaps a bigger audience, which helps them become increasingly more confident. Acting, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument in front of other people takes courage, and as your child becomes more proficient in each field, their self-esteem will gradually improve. The more confident your child is, the more comfortable they will feel putting their hand up in class and engaging in group discussions. They will also be better at handling social situations. 

Encourages Determination

Reciting a script, learning a dance routine, or successfully playing a piece of music takes practise and determination. There will be times when your child feels like giving up, but they must persevere in order to perform a successfully piece. This is an important skill that will benefit your child in other areas of life, especially when it comes to more challenging aspects of their education. 

Boosts Social Skills

Being part of a production is an opportunity for your child to build friendships with likeminded children, who share their passions. When part of a dance crew, band, choir or other group, your child must learn how to support their peers, otherwise the performance won’t go to plan. With that said, the arts subjects are great for boosting social skills. 

Promotes Self-Expression

It’s important for children to have opportunities to express their sense of self, which isn’t always achievable in structured classroom environments. The arts allow children to express themselves in a creative and liberal manner, and they’re not tied down by the constraints of being right or wrong, as is usually the case with subjects like maths and science. 

Improves Motor Skills

Sitting at a desk all day won’t help your child develop important fine and gross motor skills, unlike the arts which require lots of movement. These are skills that most of us take for granted, because they’re what allow us to walk, run, jump, tie our shoelaces, use a fork etc. 

So, as you can see, there are many benefits to the arts subjects. Next time your child shows an interest in one of these subjects, try and be encouraging, even if you would prefer them to be interested in something more academic. The skills they can learn through the arts are all transferrable, so will support your child’s overall development.

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