The Best Children’s Shoes For Your Little One’s Summer Adventures

With the school holidays fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to keep your little ones entertained this summer. Whether you have an energetic child who wants to explore new adventure every day or a relaxed baby who is happy to stay in the garden all summer, you’ll have to summer-proof their wardrobe. Which is why I have teamed up Donaghy’s to put together a roundup of 5 of the best shoes for your little one’s school holidays.

Juju jellie shoes

These shoes allow your little ones to play in perfect comfort. These jelly sandals feature a cut fisherman style, paired with a buckle to help keep growing feet comfortable and secure for the entire summer. These shoes can be dressed up for summer parties or paired with a nice pair of shorts for a day at the beach. Not only are they 100 per cent recyclable but they are waterproof, comfy and made to last.


Suitable for every kind of terrain, including the beach, and easy to slip on and off, crocs are the ideal shoes for summer holidays abroad.  As well as being comfortable and practical Crocs have decided to spice up their designs lately. There are lots of new themed pairs for this summer, so you can always buy more than one pair for different occasions!

Garvalin Boy Cut-Out Shoes

These modern and funky shoes are from the Garvalin 50th Anniversary Collection. The panel cut out style makes them the perfect shoe to keep your little one’s feet cool while protecting their toes.  The grey shoe is brought to life with a subtle pop of red making them the perfect shoe for most occasions. My favourite feature is the Velcro ankle strap that helps keep the foot secured and safe when out on adventures,

Bobux Sandal

These sandals use a very open design that allows your child’s feet to feel the grass and sand beneath their feet. The leather cross -traps meet at the toe, creating a comfortable shape that’s easy to take off and put on anywhere, anytime! Thanks to the Velcro strap at the ankle, they won’t slip off whilst your little ones are running, climbing and splashing across all kinds of terrain, so they should be suitable for any kind of outdoor adventures.

Lelli Kelly

These cute shoes are ideal for summer and spring, giving your little girl a spring in her step that’ll make going outdoors just that little bit more fun! Easy to take off and put on thanks to the single Velcro strap, these Lelli Kelly shoes are comfortable and stylish, designed especially for all kinds of summer adventures in the great outdoors. The colourful design and soft materials are the icings on the cake.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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