The Best Ideas for Women’s Birthdays and Gifts in 2023

The Best Ideas for Women’s Birthdays and Gifts in 2023

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If you’ve got a special woman in your life, be it your mother, sister, cousin, friend, or partner, you know she deserves to be treated like an absolute queen. This applies to every day of the year, but it applies in particular on her birthday, a day dedicated in its entirety to celebrating her entrance into this world and everything about her. If you’re going to celebrate that wonderful woman, you’ll need to put some thought and planning into it. 

You need a gift, of course, and that will depend on what she likes. Maybe she collects women’s watches; perhaps she’s a horse girl or likes to be surrounded by luxury. Whatever her preference, you’ll need to know. And then you’ll need some kind of celebration; would she like a surprise party? Does she prefer to do things quietly? Will she want to go out to a club? If you make the wrong choice here, things could go disastrously wrong, and the day could end up being more of a mishap than a celebration.

If you need a little help getting all this right, you’ve come to the right place! We know what the different kinds of ladies in your life might like and how best to celebrate them. 

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The Adventurer

If you have a woman like this in your life, we know you’re always busy running around, most likely in the outdoors. An adventure girl can never sit still for too long, and she likes to be doing something new every weekend. She’s a freediving, horse riding, kayaking, paragliding, and hiking kinda girl, and she loves any activity that allows her to stretch her muscles and come home a little sore, salty and sunburned at the end of the day. Don’t book a candlelight dinner at a black-tie restaurant for this woman because, as sweet as the thought is, she probably won’t feel at home there. Booking an adventure trip like a hiking safari is an excellent way to celebrate her birthday! The ideal gift for this kind of woman is something practical, probably something she can use on her many adventures. A new pair of hiking boots, some active garments, or a GoPro would be good choices.

The Business Woman

Her career is the most important thing in her life. She might work for someone else as an executive, or maybe she owns her startup; whatever it is, it’s the first priority. Booking a trip that will take her away from work without prior notice or her knowledge will probably be a failure, not because she doesn’t appreciate the gesture but because she needs to know that everything at the office will go well when she’s not there. If you’re going to whisk this wonderful woman off for a trip, check with her beforehand. If you’re planning a dinner or party, be sure to do it on the weekend rather than in the week.  

The perfect gift for this kind of lady is something that makes her life a little bit easier because she’s already so busy. Maybe you could book her a spa day or get her a ready-made meal delivery service for a month. We advise that you steer clear of anything work-related as a gift!

The Artist

Here you might have to do a little bit of research. There are so many different kinds of art and so many kinds of artists that it can be tricky gifting the artist in your life. We advise that you snoop through her studio or desk (only to find out gifting information!) to discover what kind of art she makes (this will help if you want to purchase materials for her), what type of art and artists she admires and whether or not she likes to create in a group. Once you have a little information, you could bring it to an art store and ask for their help purchasing an item that will be useful to her (new blades, new gouache, an easel, more clay). 

If there’s an exhibition coming up that she might like, you could treat her to the opening; maybe there’s a lecture or symposium, or class she could benefit from too. In terms of a celebration, we recommend you craft something yourself. Plan and pack a delicious picnic or take her for a walk around her favorite gallery, followed by lunch at an artisanal bistro.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

The Lady of Luxury

This woman loves any excuse to dress up. She bathes in scented bubbles, moisturizes with rich oils, always has a fresh mani and pedi, never has grown-out highlights, and has a pair of heels to go with every outfit. This is not a farmers market, second-hand store kind of woman (not that there’s anything wrong with those things!): she likes luxury and lots of it. Now is the time to break out the caviar or book a table at a restaurant with spotless white tablecloths and silver candlesticks if you’re unsure about your cooking and decorating skills. For the gift, we suggest you take a walk through her closet for inspiration. Check her sizes, the color palette she favors, and the designers she loves. Perfume is also never a bad idea, but ask her friends before you purchase to make sure that you get the perfect scent.

Image by Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

Wrap Up

There are many different kinds of women in the world. So if your lady isn’t represented here, we’re sure you can use these ideas as inspiration rather than a guide. It’s failure-proof!

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