Pros and cons of adding a TV to your child's bedroom

Pros and cons of adding a TV to your child’s bedroom

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As your children get older, their interests change. This includes how they spent time in their bedrooms and what they use the room for. Something a lot of children ask for at some point or another is a TV. This can be a huge step for a lot of families and there are definitely some pros and cons to consider.


Encourages independence

Sometimes children struggle with being able to spend time on their own. For the longest time, Erin wanted always wanted someone to be playing with her and hardly ever wanted to spend time in her bedroom on her own. The addition of a TV could mean some downtime for the child (and you). It’s important that children learn to spend their time without the constant need for other people’s company.

More choice for everyone

As a parent, you’re likely to have watched the same film, or the same episode of something over and over again. I know I have and it can get quite annoying after a while. By allowing your children to have their own TV in their bedrooms, this could be avoided. This would be ideal for when they want to watch those all too-familiar films for the 100th time.

Time with friends

Depending on the age of your children, they might have friends over every now and again. A child’s bedroom is the ideal place for friends to play, chat or hang out. Having a TV in the bedroom gives a variety of options for things for children to do with their friends. From watching their favourite show, having a movie marathon sleepover or playing video games, a Samsung 8k tv would be ideal!

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Child-friendly viewing

One of the biggest issues a lot of families have is the worry about their child watching things that might not be suitable. In the age of smart TVs, streaming services and easy access to a whole host of content, children have a lot more they can watch. Nowadays, you can add parental controls or pin-protection to certain aspects on smart TVs to help keep your children safe.

How much screen time?

The amount of screen time children have can be a worry for parents. Adding a TV into a child’s bedroom will certainly add to this. Left to their own devices, some children would happily watch TV for hours. Working out a system with your children could be a good idea to ensure a time limit is adhered to. Maybe set timers or alarms for both you and the children to help set time limits.

Less family time

TVs can be a huge distraction and as above, children can easily spend hours watching something. Having a TV in your child’s bedroom could mean they want to spend more time away from the family and do things on their own. Time limits and restrictions are a good idea here to ensure your child isn’t spending too much time on their own.

Final thoughts

Choosing to add a TV to your child’s bedroom is such a big decision for families and really, there’s no right or wrong thing to do. You know your child and what they need, how they act and how responsible they are. All of these things will contribute to your decision, as well as deciding whether or not your child is at the right age.

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