The Best Metal Beds for Contemporary Bedrooms 2023

The Best Metal Beds for Contemporary Bedrooms 2023

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Metal bed frames are a popular choice for bedrooms because they are durable and relatively lightweight, making them easy to move around. Metal bed frames also provide good support, helping to ensure a comfortable, restful sleep.

Beyond their practical benefits, metal beds are also available in many styles, from contemporary to art deco.

For a modern look, opt for a metal bed frame with a minimalist aesthetic. Look for simple silhouettes with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. A bed with a low profile will also give your bedroom a sleek and contemporary feel.

This article reveals the best metal beds for contemporary bedrooms in 2023, starting with the lowest-priced bed frame at only £184 for a double.

Let’s jump in!

Milan Bed Company Platform Base

Pictured: Milan Bed Company 4FT 6 Double Platform Base. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £184 (double).
  • Base: Solid slatted.

If you’re not bothered about having a headboard, the Milan Bed Company Platform Base is an affordable, contemporary skeleton bed frame.

The Milan has a simple powder-coated metal frame, requiring only 12 bolts to put together and offering lots of space under the bed. It has a solid slatted base (suitable for all mattress types) and is perfect for contemporary bedrooms.

Julian Bowen Onyx

  • Price: £199 (double).
  • Base: Sprunt slatted.

The Julian Bowen Onyx scratches our itch for a simple contemporary bed frame. It has a satin grey powder-coated finish with clean lines and a modern curved headboard with bars to stop your pillows from sneaking behind.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Onyx Metal Bed Frame. Available from Bedstar.

It isn’t flashy, but the Onyx is a case study for function over form, with rounded corners and smooth metalwork to enhance comfort.

Serene Armstrong

Pictured: Serene Armstrong 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £229 (double).
  • Base: Sprung slatted.

The Serene Armstrong has a Japanese-inspired design with top tubular bars, straight lines, and a black and brown oak colour scheme.

This contemporary bed frame is perfect for minimalist and Japanese zen bedrooms due to its simple design and organic character.

Flintshire Axton

Pictured: Flintshire Axton 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame – Antique. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £318 (double).
  • Base: Sprung slatted.

The Flintshire Axton is a modern classic, with an industrial-style design with scaffold pipe metalwork and an antique finish that oozes quality (it’s also available in black).  

This metal bed frame is the perfect choice to make a statement. The scaffold pipe metalwork is a stroke of genius, evoking a sense of form and function without taking away the homeliness you want in a bed frame.  

Time Living City Block

Pictured: Time Living City Block 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame – Grey. Available from Bedstar.

  • Price: £339 (double).
  • Base: Sprung slatted.

The Time Living City Block is a minimalistic bed frame perfect for any contemporary, industrial or modern farmhouse bedroom.

Its robust metal construction and clean straight lines on both the headboard and low footboard lend it stylishness and longevity, while the sleek grey finish gives it a modern and clean look with a chunky frame that looks the part.

This bed frame has a sprung slatted base, which works best with spring-type mattresses to enhance bounce and responsiveness.

Birlea Montana

  • Price: £449 (double).
  • Base: Sprung slatted.

The Birlea Montana draws inspiration from the Art Deco period with a gorgeous steel frame with an electroplated chrome and nickel finish.

Pictured: Birlea Montana 4FT 6 Double Metal Bed Frame. Available from Bedstar.

Its durable steel construction ensures it will stand the test of time, while the geometric design with straight lines and a rectangular linear perspective makes it suitable for both traditional and contemporary bedroom styles.

We adore this bed frame’s contemporary geometric appearance and electroplated frame – look no further for a stunning focal point!

What is a contemporary bed?

A contemporary bed is a bed made from metal with a modern, minimalistic look, clean lines, and a simple silhouette.

Contemporary bed frames are made from steel, aluminium, or other metal alloys and may have a painted, lacquered, or powder-coated finish.

When choosing a contemporary bed frame, consider the type and size of mattress you will be using and make sure the bed frame is compatible.

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