The Christmas Organisation Fail

Usually by this time of the year I feel pretty smug. This year I feel whatever the opposite of smug is.

You see, for as long as I can remember I have been the most organised person when it comes to Christmas. With the exception of 1 year where I thought I would try doing all of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve (I don’t know what I was thinking), I have always been done before December. My shopping is usually done, all of my wrapping is done and usually all of my Christmas cards have been written out and are waiting to be sent.

This year I am as far away from that lovely picture as can be.

I don’t know what happened this year but I am not prepared at all. Being self-employed takes up so much of my time and while you would think it gave me the freedom to get things like wrapping presents done and dusted, it doesn’t really. The pressure to get work done on time, reviews written and toys played with takes over from things that don’t actually need doing yet. I know that the wrapping can wait so I prioritise my time for other things.

I think part of the problem is that we’ve had a bit of a move around at home. My office used to be downstairs and that has all now been moved upstairs so that Erin has a better play area. What used to be a spare bedroom is now my office and was full of furniture that didn’t really fit any more once my desk was in there. I have felt like I haven’t really had good space and that’s probably helped to make my head a bit of a mess too.

Home office

It’s not just work that has taken over my time this year though. Every other year I have had a list of spreadsheet of what I have for everyone and what it cost etc. I know I started that this year but I very quickly gave up and the list is pretty much worthless now as it’s definitely not up to date. We have gifts stashed away in the loft and I have no idea what’s up there because I didn’t write it down. I also don’t know where we’re going to put anything in the loft when it does eventually come back downstairs.

In past years, except for last year, I have always worked and mostly it has been full time. I somehow managed to do this and keep on top of everything for Christmas. I know adding a toddler into the mix makes things a bit less straightforward but I thought being at home a lot more would make a difference. It seems that it’s made it worse though.

At the minute the overwhelm is getting to me. I feel like life is a bit of a mess in certain areas, the house included because I just can’t fit everything in. This week John is off work though so I’m hoping with that bit of extra time, and a bit of extra help with a few things, I can get some kind of list going and crack on with the mammoth task of getting us all sorted.

I set out at the beginning of the year determined to be organised and be on top of everything but that just hasn’t happened… and not just for Christmas. I need to be much stricter when it comes to work days as I find myself getting distracted and not getting nearly enough done.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas for helping to stay on track and be more organised next year?


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